Legend of Jumpstyle

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  • Description:

    This is the musical hardcore arcade with Hardstyle, Jumpstyle and Shuffle music


    You must get to the teleport on next level


    Arrows - move

    Shift - slow motion

    Esc - exit


    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17404328/Legend%20of%20the%20Jumpstyle.jpg">


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  • Hey nice game. Very Unique. I haven't played anything quite like it before.

    A few things i found while playing that i would have liked to be different...

    Sometime when i fall down outside the screen i don't die, so i have to quit the game to restart. The long intro screen doesn't help this problem either.

    The player movement has a certain uncontrollable feel to it. Slow acceleration and changing direction compared to the fast pace of the rest of the game.

    Also very occasionally the level just seems to restart itself for no reason, I'm not sure if i was taking to long but there did not seem to be a reason or any signal.

    Apart from that i really liked it a lot and even when i was stuck off screen i found myself restating the game and waiting to play again so its definitely thumbs up from me.

  • good idea implementation, nice game

    score 1350

    stops 110

  • thanks for replyes!

    Wangdata - I'll fix that bug with level falling and add some new stuff there

    P.S. My score is 1300, stops 50 (my best record =D)

    P.S.S. Screenshot fixed

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