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  • Okay hereby I present you construct launcher utility!

    I needed some utility that could easily download news and autoupdate game if I wanted (my upcoming game) so I made this little utility but well I thought that I might as well as share this with everyone else too.

    It does need some job making everything work so here's step by step instructions:

    1st Part: The uploading

    Open news.txt in Upload these folder and modify it to anything you'r heart desires and then open version.ini. Change the version= to whatever your update's going to be and I suggest you put it to 2 or something so we can test this later.

    After that change text following the instructions given there as example: Text=""

    Then change Image to something (not necessary at this point but go ahead and test example: Image="" !!!!!!!! IT MUST BE 1.JPG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And then is the Update which would go like this : Update="" REMINDER the exe can be any name as it will be changed to leet.exe later (I will explain why )

    After these steps have been made you now upload version.ini, news.txt and sh1tz.exe to the place you told them to be in. (and the 1.jpg too if you changed it)

    Then modifying launcher's ini:

    1st. Open data folder and then launcher.ini. Then change version to whatever you want and remove my text so its only version=1 or 0 or whatever. (But different to the one we did in the version.ini so we can test it out)

    2st. Modify VersionDL (in same ini) to your URL which contains the version.ini as example: ""

    -------------------------Now you should be ready--------------------------

    Start launcher.exe and then it will ask for internet permission and you allow it (it will first probably say that couldn't connect but just wait a few seconds after you've given permission.)

    If it doesn't say anything and you can see your news.txt in the launcher everything is working then press update and it should check versions and if its different it will download new exe from your URL and put it into your update folder where it will be moved to same dir as launcher.

    That should be everything and its leet.exe cuz game.exe gave me weird error so atleast now it works

    PS USE FULL URLS! http etc.

    EDIT FORGOT To mention that full game must be in sh1tz.exe atleast thats the only part that is updated! I might upload the cap tomorrow if someone wants to modify it etc.

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