Kolumbo! Treasure hunting and action with random levels.

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  • <img src="http://paahdin.com/kolumbo/media/logo.gif">

    The ruins of Kolumbo are all that's left behind of a mysterious civilization. Legends of incredible treasures and priceless artifacts attract fortune-seekers from everywhere. Only the greediest and most brave adventurers dare to enter the seemingly endless mazes, infested with weird creatures.

    <img src="http://paahdin.com/kolumbo/media/sshot04.jpg">

    The goal is to collect all the (also random) treasures in the maze and return to the exit. Don't be too greedy! If you don't know when to quit you will just fall victim to the many monsters prowling the hallways.

    Move your character with WASD. Hold right mouse button to draw your weapon and click left mouse button to fire. Your movement speed is reduced while a weapon is drawn. You can switch between a pistol and a shotgun by pressing Q.

    Pick up treasures by walking over them. Stand over the exit symbol and right-click to exit the dungeon. Stay out of the enemies' sight to save ammunition.

    The HUD shows the direction to the exit, the number of treasures remaining, your health and remaining ammunition.

    This is a "one-week project" that took our two-man team couple of months mostly because of the lack of free time. This release includes most of the features planned in the beginning.

    <img src="http://paahdin.com/kolumbo/media/sshot06.jpg">

    Some Features:

    - Random levels (with adjustable parameters)

    - Random treasures

    - Mostly original soundtrack

    - High scores

    Download (13MB)

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  • Sweet game, man. Very slick

    And hard as hell... combat is definitely a last resort in this game. This really isn't a game where you want to hunt enemies. Avoidance is key, fight only in self-defence .

    I did manage to get out with all the treasure, but it took me like four games to figure out that I should be wary rather than brave

  • Oh man I just found out that enemies can drop treasures... I guess I'd better get better at combat

  • Edit: quite original game for it's genre!

  • I haven't played the game yet (not at my home PC), I just want say thanks for actually putting a decent intro post together. So many people post items in this section with no info, no screenshots, no real description - just a link and something like "here is my new game". It annoys the hell out of me!

    I wish everyone posted their creations with as much detail as you have. It's really nice to have some idea of what to expect on the other end of that link. Thanks.

  • Awesome game!

    Any chance of a random-maze algorithm tutorial?

  • Oh hey you posted this before I got to fix the minigame scoring system. You know, so that it actually works. Let's hope nobody notices...

    Edit: Welp, looks like you fixed it. Awesome.

  • Any chance of a random-maze algorithm tutorial?

    Have you not seen this?

  • Awesome game love the generation

  • Wow, that's really entertaining!

    I liked how the treasure names are generated, so simple and creative!

    Keep up the good work man!

  • At first i thought " *sigh* another ghost shooter clone...". When i started playing i was impressed however. You guys took ghost shooter and turned it into 'random dungeon shooter with a polished feel'. Everything about it is good; the sounds, the way shooting feels, the names of the treasures etc. Great work. I think i'm gonna go play it a bit more..

  • I am really glad that you posted lots of info and screen shots. I agree with GMG, most people don't do that. Good work, I enjoyed the game.

  • I am really glad that you posted lots of info and screen shots. I agree with GMG, most people don't do that.

    Thirded. I'd like to see more of this.

  • Wow!

    You should add this to construct corner and I'll post a review.

  • Nice to see so much positive response! We (the other guy being Riteksi a few posts above, welcome to the forums) sure worked hard on this.

    The game definitely draws some inspiration from roguelikes, including that you are supposed to die a lot. The original plan included things like dropping less valuable treasure in favor of better loot, but right now you just grab everything. Having random elements was an absolute must because I wanted to make a game I myself could play without knowing what's behind every corner.

    The level generation (as are a couple other things) is done with C++, and is based on Jamis Buck's D&D dungeon generator. It's probably not flexible enough for every project, but I might put up the plugin+source in case someone wants to dig into it.

    There's also a Crimsonland-style minigame there. It's not very well hidden, but apparently no one has noticed it. I used to play it whenever I got frustrated with Construct or something

    I'll make a 1.5 release with fixes and more feature sometime in the near future and post it to at least Construct Corner.

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