the killer adventure (hd 720p)

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  • video youtube

    vesion beta test (fullscreen keyboard)

    vesion beta test (fullscreen joyx360)or (dualshock ps3 with motionjoy)

    hd720p/shader model 2/hdr

    notice keyboard

    then the arrows up, down, left, right

    scale down a shift key + Down Arrow right, fast downhill Q motionless on the scale shift key + right = jump (up, down catch the scale)

    jump right shift-key

    Inventory (i) support long 1sec, then release, out of inventory (i) support fast (A) select, arrow cursor displacement

    inventory fast deplacemement cursor (D) right (S) on the left, enter validate

    attack (W), during the execution of the attack if you press again (W) is chained double attack

    open a door up arrow 1sec long press, then release, exit arrow up fast support

    manages time clock, key num 1,2, or 3 slow, medium, fast

    catch a rope horizontal (A), otherwise jump to top arrow

    notice joystick x360 or (ps3 with motionjoy)

    before a VERTICAL ROPE (precise pixel is near: D) pad up (you ride): pad down (you down): character string motionless on + button (jump), you can catch the rope after a jump in pressing pad up or down pad: if you're on the line left or right it loose rope

    TIP: If you leave the button pressed and you are on the rope you can Jumpe knew just by pressing dpad up

    HORIZONTAL ROPE: A button to aggripper: left or right to move if you cowards the button it loose rope, jump dpad up there on the rope

    if you're hanging a rope so the button you can Jumpe supported by just pressing dpad up

    SCALE: scale down a dpad up (you ride) if you are on the top of a ladder + dpad down to go down buttonA (B button fast descent)

    jump on the scale is identical to the string with the same trick to leaving Jumpe supported buttonA you just make a dpad up

    ATTACK: X button, double attack if the character is trying to execute an attack pressing a second time x

    Finally the timing inventory, door ...

    Pressing select about 1 second (long) relaxes you select the inventory appears (to move the inventory is the left analog stick!)

    out of inventory (select prompt support) less than a second: lol:

    the door if you find the right home, dpad up (long) of that you release you come home to exit (quick press dpad up) as the stock timings.

    to use the quick inventory is the right analog stick! (this allows you to walk and at the same time to select what you want;)) if your cursor

    is a potion you right click fungus, it uses the object (for the moment no effect)

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  • Saw the video on my youtube app... looks good! Any new updates?

  • Nice video and great ambiance! Looks like 2D Minecraft like background.

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