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  • This is a really simple screensaver that I've wanted to have for a long time

    I wound up checking for input and terminating myself, as the screensaver option would export something that crashed on start. So that explains the weird name in Windows panel.

    This was exported as .exe, icon-hacked and then renamed to .scr

    I have a feeling I might have gone overboard with the textures. Let me know if it works for you.

    Edit: textures halved in size. Sound stops at one minute, so people won't kill you if you use it.

  • Cool. Does it actually work as a screensaver? Now i gotta make the one from jurassic park....

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  • yeah it works but it does weird things like.... in the screensaver panel it shows up as "5"

    And if you set it, close the screensaver panel and then bring it up again, it'll launch the screensaver right away (you move the mouse and it goes back to the panel with no preview).

    I just halved the textures and reuploaded, goes faster now and you can hardly tell the difference.

    Edit: which one from jurassic park? the "nuh uh uuuuuh" one? that was so annoying.

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