Indiana Jones (Wolfenstein 3D and Doom style)

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  • ---- UPDATE 2 ----

    Okay boys and girls here it is the award winning Indiana Jones 3D with Construct. I've implemented shooting system and enemies who shoot also. Only problem is that its a bit buggy and I couldn't have more than 2 enemies.

    You have to find the "artifact" it's hidden somewhere in the maze and if anyone wants to use this engine or well "game" you must wait until I release a tutorial about this and then you can get the cap file.

    But here it is :

    ---- UPDATE 1 ----

    <img src="">

    Okay new screenshot where you can see the nazi soldier and the new not so realistic looking revolver. After i've fixed my enemy problems (cant have em more than 1 on map right now) and im gonna have the whip (Don't worry it wont be usable yet ) and then you will get snakes. Then im going to share the first exe^^

    ---- ORIGINAL POST ----

    My plan is to use Mipey's engine and modify it. Like adding shooting and enemies and few fancy effects. Im going to insert level editor and loader based on INI's so other people can make levels.

    I still have to insert enemies and some minor stuff (ceilings and floor and new aiming) but the core works now.

    The red thing that's seen on picture is first artifact needed to recover. Have a guess what it is^^

    <img src="">

  • Nice. Is it a picture of men with a penis-nose on the walls?

  • Lol next build will have brand new walls that look more normal

  • sweet pistol!

  • Thanks^^ Now I got new textures for walls just need to fix aiming and insert some stuff to make game more interesting like ammo packs and health packs and ofc enemies and il try to insert whip too:D

  • Thanks^^ Now I got new textures for walls just need to fix aiming and insert some stuff to make game more interesting like ammo packs and health packs and ofc enemies and il try to insert whip too:D

    And make dick-noses from outher space . good luck. oh dont forget about the whip.

  • Yes, the dick is a must. Er. I mean whip, yes, whip is a must!

    And snakes. Don't forget the snakes. Make Indy's life miserable.

  • Indiana Jones w/out his whip is like a man w/out his .... nose

  • Lol yeah but I have to say this is frikkin hard so any help is appreciated

  • Check up top for update

  • That drawn (traced) pistol looks much better then the one from Bioshock, despite not being shiny.

  • Hehe well Indy doesn't always have time to clean his pistol he has to kick nazi's and kiss beautiful

    ladies and retrieve lost artifacts.

    But if atleast few people say make it shiny I will make it.


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  • I think the graphical styles between the different elements are too varied. The look of your game lacks cohesion. Take the screenshot with the Nazi, for instance... the walls are a hi-res texture, the Nazi is low-res MSPaint style pixel art with thin lines, and the gun has thick pixel lines with hi-res shading. They're all conflicting with each other. You should pick one style and stick with it. Any one of those styles would be fine, as long as ALL the things in your game are drawn in the same style.

    As for the update you had me make in the first post, I'm not sure you had the right link to the newest version in the PM you sent me. I downloaded it and there was no map and no Nazis to shoot.

    I'd also be interested in seeing some variation in the level design... not just a one-space-wide maze of tightly packed corridors. Make larger, more open areas, and rooms that branch off of the maze, etc. In the version I played, at least, it all looked exactly the same and I had no idea where I was.

  • Well I know the graphical stuff yeah. The Fat line on revolver was my mistake too lazy to explain all the dirty details but blame me on that. Wall texture was found on internet and I think its pretty good. But after all this was more like presentation and is going to be tutorial to show 2.5D elements that aren't documented yet like shooting and enemies.

    Well it should be the newest version with maze and at the end there is 2 enemies guarding artifact (First had 10 but the engine well game got bugged and didn't allow me to have more than 2). I removed the minimap to make game a lot harder (It wasn't easy for Indy neither )

    As I said this is too complex and hard work compared to what you will get at the end so im sticking into 2D. Going to make 2D Indy game which is probably going to be a lot better.

    But thanks for your opinions still^^

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