image created with Construct on the cover of Nature Physics

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    A good friend of mine asked that I help him create a cover to submit for Nature Physics, a journal for professionals and academics in the field of physics, as his team had contributed one of the papers being published in the issue. The image I wanted to create required an accurate 3d shape, and I'm not at all experienced with 3d software, so using loumu's maze generator plugin, and some 3d math, I converted the dungeon example cap to wrap a maze around a sphere, and put some random red balls along the maze, and the option to activate different layers of images so I could manipulate them in photoshop individually. after i cropped the image generated with the exe, I used photoshop to artificially increase the resolution, and added some blur effects for the majorana fermion particles on the quantum wire network.

  • Would you kindly tell my brain synapses to fire like yours do? Excellent work, and congratulations!

  • That's really really cool!

  • Jealous. I wanna make stuff that goes on the covers of stuff

  • thanks guys

    Jealous. I wanna make stuff that goes on the covers of stuff

    this was definitely cool for me, but I'll be much happier when something I make is on the cover of gameinformer or pcgamer

  • Haha, that's amazing! Good job

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  • Wow dude

  • Congrats! I would love to see that exe in action.

  • Great job Lucid! Congrats


  • thanks everyone!

    Congrats! I would love to see that exe in action.

    here's the cap file:

    this cap is a horrific mess, btw.

    press 1,2,3,and 4 to activate and deactivate layers

    you have to press all four numbers to start off with because all layers are off at start of layout

    arrow keys move around, and mousewheel zooms in and out

    pressing r still regenerates the maze

    also, under the comment "number of spheres" (event 19)

    if you set the loop to something higher than 1 to 1, it'll make concentric spheres inside eachother. originally there was one extra sphere inside the other one, cuz it looked cool

    but my friend wanted to focus less on the spherical aspect of it (let alone the sphere within a sphere) since it was an artistic choice (the journal guidelines said to favor aesthetics over scientific accuracy), and not really accurate or relevant to using majorna fermions to create quantum logic gates.

  • Thank you Lucid.Are you sure you don't work for Sony , Nintendo or Microsoft ?.They would definitely benefit from having someone like you on board.

  • Awesome Lucid! Do you have a background in mathematics per chance?

  • DravenX

    no. I actually have a very boring, nontechnical job at the Post Office. Though I am constantly working on my engine in my free time in the hopes to change that.


    no. I only completed high school, though I always enjoyed math, and it always made sense to me the way everything fit together. but for instance, with this cap file, I just went to google and typed in "sphere math" or something like that, and copied the equations from the wikipedia article into construct expression form, after reading enough of the wiki to get a basic idea of what each term in the equations meant

    and thanks to both of you

  • Bah

    Deciphering all the wikipedia mumbojumbo is a bit more involved than that, so grats on that, and the cover.

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