House of Cards

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    House of Cards is a fairly standard-issue platformer that I've been working on to experiment with Construct. The first playable character is Hartman, but he will eventually be joined by Mindy, Spadwick, and Clobber. The plan is to have about 12 stages, each composed of 2-6 areas.

    The story is fairly minimal: as the bounty hunter Hartman you must locate and eliminate a series of ne'er-do-wells.

    The controls:

    Movement - Arrow Keys

    Jump - Shift

    Attack - Z

    Special - X

    To follow progress on this game, you can check up on my blog:

    I've got a playable demo of the first stage. Mind that it's a little rough around the edges - I've only spent this last long weekend on it. There are bits and pieces that will certainly feel as if they were rushed out the door. Also, there's a bug related to crouching that I've fixed since exporting this; if you experience it you'll probably know what I mean. Give it a try, let me know what to fix, what needs work, and what works.

  • Really nice work. Like the graphics. This game has a bit of castlevania spirit. But that's good.

    Had some problems hitting those baddies with my knife. It's so short. But then I foud out that you can throw cards. Then I went all excited! Some areas of the level traps you there, and I can't get out. It still need some polishing, but very good so far in its early progress.

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  • I can see what you mean, the knife is definitely a bit too short. Fortunately, it's very easy for me to jump in and give the weapon sprites more area.

    What parts of the level traps you? I'm bashing my head a bit that I didn't document an important part of the level structure: all of the stairs, and the wooden floors inside the mill, are considered platforms, so you can drop from them in the usual platform behavior way. Parts of the mill are designed so you have to drop down to progress, which probably is like a Sonic barrel to players.

    If that's not what you mean, I'm interested to know if there are areas with messed up collision detection I can look at.

  • I retested the level and it was me that didn't think of falling thru the platform. I just tried, tried and failed jumping up to the ledge. Until I accidently pressed down while jumping. It's in the area after entering the first door, left side of map all the way up.

    So it's no error actually. It was just me that don't have basic platform game knowledge

  • Don't worry about that. As I said, it's really not made clear enough what's considered a platform and what's not.

  • Anyway, this game catces me and I want more. I will watch here for new version to try

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