Hello. (and screenshot of upcoming game)

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  • I'm new here, so,, hello everyone (frantic waving) Thought I'd try this program out.

    I have for a long time planned a dark platform/explorer/action game and started today actually. I hope to get some feedback from the forum on my projects as time goes by.

    Got some of the sprites together. Here's an early screenshot.


    Working on the platform engine now. After that I'll start game design on paper

  • That's a nice looking mockup. Tho colors are nice and moody, and your sprite is pretty sweet looking. As a fan of platformers, I'm looking forward to seeing your work progress

    Keep us posted...

  • Even though it's just a single screenshot... it sort of reminds me of Blackthorne.

    Good to see a new platformer in the works. Good luck!

  • Blackthorne was a cool game

    But yes, looks very dark and moody., looking forward to it!

    And welcome to construct forum, we are all friends here!

  • Thanks It has seemed like a very friendly community from what I have read on the forums.

    The idea is to make it an open game where you unlock skills as you progress and can then access new areas. (double jump, special attacks etc) But I plan on putting strategic beat em up style elements in there as well. How that works is what I am working on now I'll try to upload some more info in this thread when i can.

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  • Seems very cool..........

    The graphic style is amazing. Its just so captivating.

  • This is the genre of game Construct excels at. I like the graphics. Mind if I ask how you plan to create the levels? If so, how do you plan to create levels?

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