Hazardous Intelligence - my degree project

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  • Hi guys, I just got my artschool degree yeeeehaaa with mention \o/ w000t!

    Now I want to share with you the game demo I did.

    if you want to try it, go ahead it's right there :

    Hazardous Intelligence - the demo

    If you're lazy and don't want to play, I made a little trailer

    Hazardous Intelligence - trailer

    If you just want to look at pictures like the one below, you can :D

    Hazardous Intelligence - gallery

    <img src="http://yanngranjon.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/rooftops.jpg" border="0">

    I have some bug I can't do anything about :

    • if you go to the end of the level, you go back to the start menu... that's ok, but if you want to replay, the game crashes.
    • on some computer there're some kind of ugly texture offsetting that can be solved by changing the screen resolution... it seems...
    • you might not see the 3D eye which more or less follow the mouse in the center of the start menu

    Well I want to thanks the construct community, which helped me a lot especially the bunch of idlers who lives on the irc channel and rojo for his help on video integration :D

  • Grats \o/

  • nice man!

    ... but everytime i download your demo i got an error while unpacking (error with movie files) and can't play the game couse it shows me another error after presing New game

  • yeah sorry, I had some problem uploading it, so it got corrupted.

    I'm reuploading it.

    It should be available in approximatively 20 min

  • Only able to see the screenshot right now., cuz I'm at work, but it looks great.

    Art degree indeed

  • Very nice game! I played through the entire first level. When I completed the level it sent me back to the main menu. Then when on the main menu I clicked "Continue" option and the game crashed.

    This is probably the "prettiest" Construct game I've played. great music, ambiance. Really felt professional.

  • Thanks (:

    Yes I described this bug on my first post. I don't know why the game crashes, when I run it in debug mode it says it's a sprite.csx bug, on a sprite that have no event, in an event sheet that is totally unrelated. Well. It's not a really big problem since you just have to relaunch the exe.

    The continue is just to skip the cinematic.

    Why do I press F5 every 10min? =D

  • That's what I couldn't figure out what to do..it seems to restart me back at the start of the first level. How to start at second level? or is there only 1 level?

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  • there's only 1 level ... I should have put a "thanks for playing the demo" at the end but I got a bit lazy on that one

    yes it was just a demo, you can go to bonus > making of to see what I was planning next.

    I don't think I will go on with this project for now. I have to find a job ...

  • Cool. I saw in the resources..different screenshots for levels so figured maybe there was more.

    I really liked how you could control both the man and the little flying guy. Good demo! Hope it helps you with a job.

  • I don't know all is always about 3D now

    Thanks anyway

  • It's not always about 3D. Think 'Trine' - very underated IMO.


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