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  • Harana is my first game maded in Construct with online scores

    The submitted scores can be viewed here:


    Here is link:


    Read ReadMe file before download.

    Now I do not have time

    Ps. Thanks for Flamespectre for example and PHP file for online scores

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  • I like the music, what is it?

    its a bit easy at the start and then impossible when you get to about level 5

  • I like the music, what is it?

    its a bit easy at the start and then impossible when you get to about level 5

    Music -> here:


    It's name: runningdeath.xm

    Difficulty -> this was my idea

    OK - I've got a info for you:

    Yesterday I had't much time and I forgot about what to write:

    Here are online scores:


    PS. Admin - I can't edit my first post - I want add info about online scores ;(

  • Wee, i'm 2nd.

    Edited your post to add the link in.

  • Hey hey that's a pretty fun game!

    Here are some thoughts:

    1. The music is really cool! I also like the floor, it has this weird techno thing going on. The light effect works great too!

    2. The mini map takes up too much space, or maybe it's just me. The window size is a little small for it.

    3. Sometimes when you touch the coins they don't destroy, so you have to run over them again. But I like how they keep creating.

    4. I like the concept of the game. It's simple and fun! And you have a highscore table, many props!

  • Agree on the mini-map, it's way too big. In fact, after a while I was playing just by looking at the map because it was easier.

    Doesn't really seem to me like you need a map for this game at all though. It's a big rectangle that's always full of coins, there's nothing there to warrant a map. And if the reason is "to see the enemies" then well, that makes the game too easy. On a related note, the score/health/time display takes up a good chunk of screen too.

    I think there should be some sort of audiovisual feedback when you level up, gain health, get hurt, etc. Other than numbers changing, I mean.

    There also doesn't seem to be much threat with the enemies. No reason to avoid one if it's in your way, just zoom through it to the other side. The minimal amount of damage you take is worth it to avoid turning back on the horde following behind you. Make the player bounce off of enemies when he's hit, or something like that. That would also serve as a kind of feedback.

    Some ideas for different enemies:

    • Enemies that bounce you away
    • Enemies that hurt you and bounce you away
    • Enemies that explode on contact

    Also, the similarities to Ghost Shooter are rather apparent. I'm just saying. Add some new mechanics, obstacles, something to distinguish it from Ghost Shooter.

    (Or maybe we need some new tutorials so that people will have a choice for other clones to make instead of just Ghost Shooter )

    Some ideas for obstacles:

    • Walls
    • Electric floors
    • Bouncy bumpers (like in pinball)
    • Whatever, go hog wild

    Some ideas for interactivity:

    • Special collectibles (big coins)
    • Powerups (speed boost, invincibility, etc.)
    • Make it less random (set up a level with goals other than "get points and survive." All games are about surviving, and points don't mean that much to a lot of gamers)
  • I'm first 6451 hehe

  • I'm first 6451 hehe

    I turned off my internet while playing (I'm paranoid )

    You beat me anyway, I quit at around 2500 or so.

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