Guyman Hero: Generic Protagonist (WIP)

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  • Hey everybody,

    I'm making an updated version of Guyman Hero, my entry into the TIGSource Assemblee competition.

    The new version has some slightly updated visuals, a flashlight mechanic, and new level design. Please check it out on GameJolt to try it out. I'd really appreciate some feedback.

    Please note that the levels are far from complete, so they will eventually just run out. Don't worry, i'm working on it.

    Here is a screenshot to whet your appetite.

    <img src="">


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  • What about the difficult? Are you going to put in an easy mode for noobs like me?

    Seriously I can't beat the first version, and believe me, I tried!

    Great project, loved it.

    edit : couldn't get past the 4th screen on this version hahaha

    Well, there were only 3 things that kinda annoyed me :

    1. The noise he does when he touches the ground.. I don't know if it's just too loud or what, it just doesn't feel right.

    2. There was a screen where while I was trying to kill the aliens in front of me, suddenly an alien came from out of the screen, from behind me, and killed me.. I don't know if this was supposed to happen, but I don't remember it happening in the previous version..

    3. If I die, I return to the beggining of the game.. guess that's because I didn't got far enough to reach a safe area, right?

    Anyway, great game for the hardcore people

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