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  • Hey guys, I'm Roy and that's the first creation I'm posting here!

    Guidance is a mini project I made in 6 hours. The game's a retro-themed platformer, featuring 8bit music and pixeled (but somehow polished) graphics.

    You are playing Mr. Pointyhat (and ignore the name, it is as random as the rest of the game) and your objective is.. Well.. Unknown.

    You're entering the game's world without knowing what the heck's going on, who are you, where are you, and what is it you're looking for and it's up to you to figure all that out.

    The game is divided to 'screens', the camera is not following the character like side scrollers but instead switches to the next scene every time you leave the former one. There are no levels - but one big hell of a map with 50 screens to invastigate.

    Some screenies:

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    Instructions: Arrow keys, A to jump.

    Playtime: 10 to 30 minutes.

    Everything in this game: idea, music, graphics and programming - is mine. The game is inspired by Niffla's Knytt Stories. (Play it, it's cool)


    If anyone having an unreadable font problem: <- copy paste to Windows\Fonts

    I hope you'll enjoy and wish you luck solving Guidance!


  • I like the music especially, and the graphics have a kind of DOS-era charm to them.

    I'm not sure why I sometimes die jumping down the pit (after the barrier disappears) and sometimes live...

    For some reason the text is difficult to read when you start the actual game. It looks the same whether I run it windowed or fullscreen;

    <img src="">

  • Cute! I've just completed it.

    The font looks fine for me, it was easily readable. Maybe it uses a different font on your system, C.S.?

  • The font looks fine for me, it was easily readable. Maybe it uses a different font on your system, C.S.?

    Probably. The letters seem to be spaced too closely together.

    I feel like I'm missing something important that the cat before the barrier is trying to tell me...

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  • Thanks for the positive feedbacks guys, I'm glad you liked the game!

    C.S, the game uses a Commodore 64 font, I thought Construct automatically includes fonts when compiling but guess I'm wrong. The font should look like this:

    Anyways, the font intended to show up in the game is now included in the topic.

    Thanks again guys

    (Gah, mistakly pressed 'save' once more)

  • Cute little game, but the endgame (after getting the last upgrade) was a little confusing. At first I didn't know if it had just glitched, or if there was no ending screen, or what. It wasn't clear that I needed to fly around and find other targets to land on.

    Also, at fullscreen the borders are messed up so I'm switching screens before I actually get to the edge, and I can see the "next room" from the room I'm currently in. My monitor (as well as a good many others) doesn't support 320x240 fullscreen resolution, so it scales up to 640x480 which ruins the borders. You could zoom the display to compensate for that, or give the option to.

    Overall, nice work though. Especially for a 6-hour project. I'd be very interested in seeing what you can come up with on a longer production time.

  • Thanks for your reply, Dead eye.

    I managed to reproduce to glitch that you've mentioned, didn't successfuly fix it yet (for just zooming in with 200% on 640x480 doesn't fix the problem)

    Until then I guess the only solution is not to play the game in fullscreen if your monitor doesn't support it (and that's weird, since it says mine supports only 640x480 as well but game works fine here)

    The endgame should be confusing, I didn't even plan it to the fullest myself. The whole game is plain random and so is the ending... So I guess that's the best you can get off pure improvising.

    All in all I'm glad you liked it.. And I'm as well interested in seeing what can I come up with on a long production time, Construct is just simply comfortable to develope with.

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