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  • Beta release of the tower defense type game, Grid Defense, is ready for your enjoyment!

    Be warned that it can be quite challenging. You have limited funds and you need to make some fast. You can't place many turrets, either. Turrets gain experience when they gain kills; keep that in mind.

    Please post any bugs, suggestions, balance issues and such here.

    Grid Defense (cap)

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  • Very nice and very polished.

    I like it alot .

  • wave 206... still going... repeatedly pressing spacebar as fast as possible.... enemies... not getting to the 3rd corner...

    Looks great man, but it's too easy. I'm just going to let it run all by itself and see where it ends up.


  • Very nice, and polished too

    If you want to help me with my next TD project I'll contact you when I'm finished with retrorun.

  • Updated! I've reworked the experience system into the basic "increase stats slightly after each kill" as well as other minor changes (greener grass for better contrast, slightly more linear difficulty etc.)

    Let me know if it gets out of control again.

    SuperV: I'll probably be up for it if I'm not occupied with another project.

  • LOL something is up with one of my cannons

    <img src="">

    It seems to have turned into a "supercannon" with infinite range and a really fast reload. It can take out a boss all on it's own before it even rounds the first corner. It's just that one that seems to be bugged though.


    Oops, I think I might have been wrong. It looks like that particular cannon just leveled up a lot faster than all the others. Perhaps because it was in a prime location to take out enemies on the straightaway.

  • Wave 19 is the highest where I've got (with the new version). Post your scores >:D!

  • Strange bug here - if you play a game, lose, then press enter, the next game is super easy. Either all the turrets are super-powered or the enemies only have 1HP. I just took out the boss with a single shot!

  • Yeah, I noticed that in next game the enemies start with 0 health. I'll see if I can crush this bug...

    Updated: Okay, I've balanced the game some more, turrets shouldn't get crazy benefits now, they'll be more streamlined. Their costs have been streamlined as well, shouldn't rise so sharply anymore.

    Updated Grid Defense

    However, this bug... When the game ends with your loss, it is paused, then you press enter, that is when it resets everything - delete all game objects but the static ones, reset global variables (Wave to 0).

    When you start the game again, it should be as it has been at the beginning. However, bugs have this amount of health:


    Looking into the event sheet, this is how the health is assigned (at time of spawn):

    Spawn object Enemy on layer "Game"

    Set Enemy 'Level' to global('Wave')

    Set Enemy 'Health' to Enemy ('Value')*global('Wave')^1.1

    In Debug, I observed this:

    The global 'Wave' is fine, it correctly increments with each wave.

    The Enemy 'Value' is fine as well, it never changed from the initial value.

    So it should be (for value of 5, first wave=1): 5 * 1^1.1=5

    But the health we observe is near zero.

    The event obviously is firing, as the enemies are spawning, but the health is set incorrectly.

    This bug is a serious one, I can't figure out why is it happening other than some quirk in the engine or runtime. I am afraid I am stumped here.

  • Okay, I think I have squashed the bug... hopefully. I think it was an error with typecasting, though I am not sure.

  • Wave 19 is the highest where I've got (with the new version). Post your scores >:D!

    On that version I got to wave 135 or 140 before shutting it off. Not one enemy got through the whole game . I just let it run. I did some laundry, walked the dog...

    By the time I got to level 30 or so nothing could get through my super-duper souped up cannon. By level 60 I had about five or six guns that were so powerful most enemies didn't even appear on-screen. Haven't tried the new version yet though...

  • I guess I'm doing something wrong then... I am always doing pretty well, but then the blue little devils come and just run through. None of my weapons are fast enough to even hit them. Well, machineguns might be, but they are so powerless and level up so slowly that they aren't enough to stop the blue bugs :<

  • Try pairing the towers with a laser tower. It damages all enemies that the beam pierces and kills can be shared. Due to high rate of fire, machineguns get to share often. Lasers and machineguns are notorious for leveling through assists alone.

  • Ah, I got it, the machineguns are the key to the infinite powers after all. I paired two of them, and almost nothing else, and they levelled up in a flash. They seem a little unbalanced now...

  • And they are the cheapest as well... Yeah, I should tone them down a bit.

    Edit: Also, new version is up!

    • more balancing (machineguns have a shorter range that just about covers the next section, they'll have better range with experience)
    • limited the power potential (fire rate, range), but damage can rise indefinitely.
    • can now sell turrets for the value that rises with their experience (to sell an experienced tower and build two or more inexperienced towers?)
    • should be more challenging now.

    Laser turret cost rises very sharply - for a reason. In tandem with other turrets, it enables rapid leveling, which is often key to survival! When it is used right, that is.

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