Go!Go!Maddi! Dev Log and Beta Test Thread :D

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  • A quick update - Watch out tomorrow for a possible beta demo :) It won't have any music and the sound is about 60% done. But the two stages (although a tiny bit buggy still) are almost 100% complete. I just finished added post boss fight level bits and will continue to do so tonight. Not sure if the cut scene for between level 1-3,2-1 will make it into the demo but if I have lots of free time to myself tomorrow it may.

    So far after the boss is defeated, he sinks under the water (massive slow down because of bubble overkill lol!) a set of stairs rise up from under the water and take you to the platform above leading out of the cave.

    The music has been stripped now since I can't post others copyrighted bits on Indie DB. That will be done in the next while. I tried to go at it last night but I just wasn't feeling it yet. I also can't get the right instrument set which is another issue. So if anyone knows how I can get like a good Sunset Riders, Castlevania 4+ or Super Contra instrument set that would be great. Maybe something harp like too for the forest - that needs to be more melodic.

    So anyhow keep watching my IndieDB page over the next few days for the demo!! Should be tomorrow night at the latest but if my day gets rammed with other things it may be some time on Monday.

    Go!Go!Maddi! Page :)


    The demo has been uploaded to the above link and is awaiting approval. They're usually pretty quick about the turn around so it should be avaliable in the next 24 hours. If they are hateful about it, I'll upload the file to my personal server.


  • Onward and upward!

    Here's a video of the last 6 hours of work(technically 8-10 but the first 4 hours of 3d were scrapped for my own engine built from scratch).

    Maddi and Daddy will be flying through stage 2-1 in fakey 3D! The engine I made converts everything I want on the y-axis to the z-axis and resets the y. So I can have a plain old 2D map made up for a plain old 2d shooter, but it converts the y-axis into depth giving you the 3rd person rail shooter ala Space Harrier look.

    It can also work as actual full fake 3D as well if you use distort maps for the 2D sprites.

    Anyhow - here is the very early begining of the 2nd stage!

    Go!Go!Maddi! Stage 2-1 3D Shooter level early stages.


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  • Although I didn't get anytime yesterday to work on the game (was me anniversary) I did manage to get a whole day of work done today!

    The 3D is almhttp://www.indiedb.com/games/gogomaddi/videosost flawless with the exception of a bit of clipping at the bottom of the screen. Shooting is already coded in (collision is buggy, I need to look into that), Drew some new gfx and cleaned up the way the 3D displayed. Already playable but there is nothing to shoot at aside of the balloons at the start haha!

    To come in this level, weapons, bad guys!!!, more background crapola, and a mid level boss! The 2nd stage will revert to platform play.

    I now picture the final boss of the game being both a 2d and 3d fight!!

    Oh yeah - I drepmt up a bunch of inbetween stage bonus/mini games. I can't wait to see this project finished!!!

    Here's a freakin link to the videos :)

    Go!Go!Maddi! Video Update!


  • Hey Guys!

    Currently working on a construct 2 demo of the game. I will be finishing the game in CC though because there are too many features I used in CC which are no in C2.

    The next update will include (and these changes are already made in the html5/webgl version):

    2 player co-op - Play as Maddi or Daddy with both 2 players to fight the nightmare masters minions. Players will have two unique ways of fighting in this mode. Maddi is in SuperSonicMaddi mode when in 2 player allowing her to do a sonic like spin jump. She can only shoot forwards. Daddy will be able to shoot in 7 directions.

    updated weapons - less exagerated version of the original weapons and the dream grenade now looks way better.

    Single player will have the ability to now shoot in 7 directions instead of just foward and backward/ducking and shooting.

    Depending on how attached I grow to the redrawn/recolored forest that level may also get the current revamp.

    I'll post the link to the html5 demo once the forest level is bug free. Should only be another week tops!


  • A nearly finished, reprogrammed C2 version of Go!Go!Maddi! Stage 1-2. I'll be adding stage 1-3 to the demo as well in the upcoming weeks. I changed the game around enough internally that I need to make sure everything works in one stage before I start the next since most of the event sheets carry over.

    Go!Go!Maddi! C2 Dev Video 1

  • Been awhile, so here's an update with pics. Stage 1-1 Daddy's Happy Place. No Enemies yet, just a lot of tiles...


    <img src="http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/19/18697/thumb_620x2000/cb2.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/19/18697/thumb_620x2000/cb3.jpg" border="0" />

    <img src="http://media.indiedb.com/cache/images/games/1/19/18697/thumb_620x2000/cb1.png" border="0" />

  • New Demos are out (c2 version buggy and cpu heavy as it is in Alpha stage). Things are missing from both and some things very between the two versions but they should be playing exactly the same now.


    • Stage 1-2 now has a halloween theme.
    • Layout of player stats etc changed.
    • New energy bar + 5 hitpoints instead of 3.
    • Pumpkin King Boss at the end of 1-2
    • Multi directional shooting and dream grenade update.
    • No more check points! You reappear where you died. (still glitchy and only on the CC version.)
    • The C2 version is still very much under development compared to the CC version. There are a lot of things changed or missing from CC to C2 and I've had to come up with a lot of work arounds.There is no need to tell me what you find wrong with the C2 version, I'm well aware of it's problems and missing bits!
    • Game over screen added (CC version)
    • Other little things I'm forgetting.
    • The 2nd player is no avaliable in either game yet. The second player stat bits are missing from the CC version.
    • Wanted to add falling leaves to CC version but ran out of time.
    • FX missing from pumpkin king in CC version.

    Keys are (both versions):

    XandZ are action buttons, Arrow keys shoot.

    Keys for C2 version on title screen:

    5 - coins

    1 - start

    Enjoy the beta/alphas They are both fully playable but still have their individual glitches the C2 one has no gameover or level complete screen and sprite z priorities are still slightly messed up.

    Ghost sound removed ;)

    Go!Go!Maddi! Halloween Beta Windows only!!

    Go!Go!Maddi! Halloween Alpha HTML5/WebGL version Only!!!

  • Updates... levels... eventually incoming.

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/title.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/ww1.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/ww2.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/ww3.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://designchris.com/images/rddy1.png" border="0" />


  • If anyone has played the demo, is there any feedback?

  • I think you have managed to capture that 1990's arcade feel very well indeed...great character and animation,with that learn by error learning curve....

    The fact it's such a personal game could detract a little...but only to anyone who isn't called Maddi,I suppose!

  • Hey damainman! Game is pretty cool, couldn't finish Halloween one(don't remember why, I played it long ago). Maybe add some small simple puzzles to the game? Or some other gameplay elements? It becomes slightly boring if you play more than 10 minutes, you know, I face this problem quite frequently when developing games, so now I'm trying to add something extra-extra to my current project.

    But once again, the game is awesome, the atmosphere makes this game great! :)

  • Thanks guys!

    *Android Music: I'd love to put puzzle bits in, but it's for my daughter who will probably only be 4 years old by the time I'm finished lol!

    The levels will be broken up so it wont be repetitive. I'm not even sure what demo I have up for ppl to download - every section has a theme. The first part is wild west/haunted forest/crab cave - then a bonus level which is that pseudo 3d flying part. The next level which I haven't even made a pixel for is the Winter level - which has platforming, down hill sled/shooter bits, then the robodaddy level with a shoot out at the end. Then another 3d bonus level. Then there will be cloud kingdom where daddy changes into a birdman - it's entirely side scrolling shooter. Back to platform for the second part of the cloud kingdom and then a boss fight on a floating sky island.

    The bonus 3d level again, and the nightmare level which I've only sketched out the boss fight for.

    I've been trying to keep in the mindset of "it's for a kid". Otherwise I'd be putting huge maps full of action rpg bits in...But thats another project I'll post soon haha!

    Thanks for the input guys!!

  • Put Go!Go!Maddi! on the back burner for a few months while JayJay and I do this:

    Insanity's Blade: The 8-bit Experience!!

    Go!Go!Maddi! will be completed later this year or early next, depending on how long this new project takes. I needed a break from play testing the levels ;)


  • Amazing looking game!

  • velcroJoe Thanks! I think I'll be picking this back up again very soon. The ideas I had for the winter levels need to get out of my head so I can concentrate on my other project so I think there will be a new up date in the next few weeks. I was going to switch to C2 for the project but I think I'll keep it CC as I like the over all feel of it better.

    There is a c2 version which is almost on par with the cc version and I've recently been working with another dev and have the space harrier style level working but I like the way it looks in c2 better still.

    There is going to be a tobogganing part in the game and I want it to look as awesome as I can make it!

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