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  • Hey ya'll,

    I haven't been around the forum for a while, been busy with exams and whatnot.

    Following Caspis Sinclair's tip, I had a look at Ashley's Instant Hit Laser example and after some tweaking and trying, I pretty much got what I wanted all along(So, I guess thanks to Ashley and Caspis )

    Anyway, here's the "demo" for those who want to check it out(the green enemy is just for target practice, so don't worry, when I'm finished, the enemies will be a lot more challenging I hope . Plus, in order to influence him, you need to hover over him with your cursor. I had to do it like that, because collision detection just took to many resources when walking AND blasting at the same time. ):

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  • I like the new look! Particles didn't look bad but I think animated sprites fit the look of the movie better.

    I'm not sure about having the beam length adjustable, though. I think it would be better if it was an instant shot instead (it was pretty much an instant-hit beam in the movies).

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