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  • Waku

    Waku mini version HTML5

    Waku is an interesting platformer arcade game where you play as a great hero hunting monsters. Jump on the levels to kill monsters while collecting coins to buy new things. Buy a good weapon in the shop, including a hunting knife to a large mace canister. People from all over the world are already fighting monsters, and it's time to join you for the great hunt.

    Boy in forest

    Boy in the Forest is an interesting platformer about a boy who got lost in the woods and is now trying to find his way home. The forest is full of monsters, including poisonous slugs and ghosts. Fortunately, our hero finds a sword that will help him defeat all monsters and go home. In the end he will encounter the boss. Will the boy beat him and go home? Play the game and find out!

    Color Arkanoid

    Color arkanoid v0.2 HTML5 version

    Color Arconoid - is an exciting breakout, unlike other arkanoid here to beat blocks by color. Here, there is no standard bonuses that you have already seen 100 times in other arkanoyd. Instead of the standard bonuses we offer you its not a big set of them you can learn the game by downloading the link below. The game rules Random God, so that there is not one the same level all the levels are unique to the game you can play forever.

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