Gameplay Video - Dude getting VERY drunk

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  • Hi all!

    After alot of hard work, I thought it would make sense to open a Project Topic here (like alot of you guys have done, awesome work!) and would like to show a gameplay video of the project I have been working on for quite some time now. The game is pretty big and has a some amount of features.

    I would be really interessted in your opinions. :)


    Its a quite big video, incase you want to see the most interessting stuff and skip the rest:

    You can quick forward to 0:40 for the getting Drunk part.

    4:38 for the Combat part of this game.

    I hope you'll enjoy it. :D

    Here's the Cover of the game:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Edit: I will post all updates and progress in here in future. :)

  • I think it's awesome. I'm impressed by how complete it is. how long have you been working on this?

  • 1 and a half year. :)

    And thanks for the nice comment!

  • It looks like a great deal of effort has been put in that game, it is visible on the screen.

    The video is a bit confusing though. It shows gameplay, sure, but the first thing you choose to show is the possibility to get drunk and some kind of duke nukem like scene in the toilet ^^

    Is that a major feature, or more like an easter egg ?

    It may have been shown a bit later in the vid, focusing first on the gameplay features.

    And those appears a bit confusing too. I mean, the fight, with all the command screen, the minimap with blinking dots. On video, it is confusing to me.

    This video intrigates me more than it presents me the game clearly.

    I'd be curious to play it, if there was a demo, or visit an explaining website.

    But, as far as I'm concerned, this video does not make me want to play it "more than that".

    I'm like "it looks nice, but what the heck is going on ?"

    Again, it looks quite nice and polished. The providing of exploration (top view) and combat (plane) is intriguing. But I'm a bit "left hung". :)

    Edit: Oh and very nice effort on the audio. The soundtrack is quite immersive, voices and fx well rendered.

  • Yeah, I can imagine that it looks confusing on first sight, but there is a Tutorial ingame explaining everything. :)

    Maybe I shouldn't have taken a Night Map for the Combat part, at day things could be seen much better I guess.

    And the thing with getting drunk is just optional, though you need to do it if you want to interact with certain characters. :P

    But I should have focused on the Combat first, yeah.

    Though I would like to add that in this game, Combat and Social apsects are treated equally important.

    Thanks for your opinion. :)

    Oh and about the soundtrack, I would just like to add that most of the tracks were either made by artists from Newgrounds (used with permission ofc) or from sites wich provide them for free, we didn't make them, just to get that out of the way.

  • The scope/size of the game is impressive! Happy to see folks making big games with Construct..can't wait to try it (especially ordering drinks and walking around town ;-)

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  • Thanks for the comment! :)

    A new Gameplay Video is being made as we speak, the video will soley focus on the Combat aspect this game has to offer and will explain a few things.

    This is a fangame of an old PS1 Game called "Wing Over".

    Untill the video is done, I would like to show 3 Screenshots that show that we really tried to make this look as identical as possible. :)

    Left is the Construct Version, right the original Playstation Version from 1997.

    Screen Nr. 1 shows the command interface. This is used to give your wingmen orders.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Screen Nr. 2 shows the "Spacemen" (an obvious parody of Power Rangers).

    The original game had alot of these parody teams, there were also a Simpsons and Star Trek one. XD

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Screen Nr. 3 shows alls Teams of the Tournament prior to a battle.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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