A game I may abandon (or recode).

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  • The game's webpage is at http://www.fantasyjam.net/index.php?act=games&game=work

    The latest version is 0.0.3, and you can download it from http://www.fantasyjam.net/dl/games/symeez/game003.exe

    The biggest problem I have is I have grown to like Ubuntu, yet Construct is Windows only. I can't even run my games in Wine, so I'm going to scrap my Construct work and start using Python and PyGame. I'm also using Blender for anything 3D, and I may make a game in that... once I figure out how animation works. Wish me luck.

  • I like the sprite

    but such drastic steps you are taking all a sudden. Blender? Pygame? Linux?


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  • Windows only... until that SDL thing is finnished.

    I didn't try the game, sorry. I have a thing about downloads with no preview.

  • The controls:

    Mouse controls the start menu (the opening screen).

    Choose new game, choose Town 1, customize the character using the arrow keys, press enter/return, walk around in the really basic world, click the icon in the bottom right corner to toggle on/off the build mode, and while build mode is on, click the brown box thing that was meant to be a dirt patch thing. You can also have build mode off and hold down the left mouse button and have the character point at it.

    The changelog (not a lot of reading) explains everything, I think.

    Oh and I think I'll be focusing on Blender for a little while.

    Blender does a pretty good job from what I've seen done with it (Big Buck Bunny), and I can get the game to work in Windows, too, so there's some cross-platform goodness.

    I think I found quite a lot of bugs in Construct trying to make the guard NPC have depth... or I just couldn't find the right way to code it. And the Flame effect didn't work for me. All it did was color over my objects with a single color, yellow, by default. I don't know if it's the fault of my ATI card or the program. Anyway, check back later, friends!

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