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  • Hey there!

    So, im pretty new to this. Actually, its my first post.

    I discovered Construct a while ago, and i love it.

    I had a project in my mind for some time, and with construct, i finally found a way to realise it.

    Why dont you give it a try?


    Currently, not much is going on. The first level is nearly finished, in terms of graphics, and i implemented the first 2 attacks.


    Arrow Keys to move.

    Space to jump.

    A to slice from top-down.

    S to slice horizontally.

    F to use highlighted objects.

    And UP or DOWN when your in front of the black doorway, to get up or down.

    If you want to follow developement or give some comments, please visit my Blog or take a look at Facebook.

    Enjoy and have a great time. ;)

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  • Up arrow don't work in menu :D

    S for horizontal slice either ;P

    but in the end that look and feel really good! nice job.

  • Yeah, i know about the UP Bug in the main menu. Currently, only DOWN works.

    Considering the S Button, i am a moron. ^^

    I need to upload the new alpha. ;)



  • same as above but without two first lines ;P

    Looks really good!

    is there a way to go beyond that crates/boxex, or thats the WIP section?;)

  • At first: Thanks for the feedback, shinkan.

    Those crates aren�t WIP. The rooms behind them are finished. ;)

    Each time you will come back from a mission, youll unlock somethin. For instance, coming back from the 1st mission, youll unlock the smith, who is working on the second floor to the right. So, the crates will be gone then and youll be able to reach him.

    This will happen for the first 5 missions, after that, everything will be unlocked. :)

  • ahh rigtht, that explain everything. Well then, will wait for some missions to do :)

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