Fluid Dynamics!

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  • part of the 's' plugin (which is indefinitely delayed)

    left mouse click adds some smoke (1 quick click will do at first so you can get a feel for volume)

    hold right mouse button and drag for wind


    this is just a simple sprite that grows with density

    better visualizations can be used

    like distorted meshes

    or physics objects carried on the currents

    another example, using a mesh:



    this worked for pixel rebirth: (the mesh one did at least)

    it's a reduced model that doesn't let you adjust viscocity and such:

    mesh color filter based:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/s/meshfluidredux.exe

    sprite size based:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/s/spritefluidredux.exe

    press 'c' to clear out all the smoke

    also, I think I know why it's crashing for some folks

    I have 1024 invisible sprites in there that were there for testing purposes rotating and stuff

    I'll make a new version that doesn't have those later

    this is going to be used in my game for debris being carried on wind currents

    and of course

    smoke and fog

  • Crashes with an unexpected error.

  • hmmm, have no idea, why that's happening

    I tried downloading the one at the link, and it works for me

  • Unfortunately same here. Unexpected error crash...

  • well that sucks

    this is fun stuff

    what cpu/ram configs do you guys have?

  • Works flawlessly for me, all four of the examples do.

  • fluid.exe and meshfluid.exe both crash for me as well. meshfluidredux.exe runs.

    It is fun to play with, indeed.

    [quote:33cbhmh4]what cpu/ram configs do you guys have?

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (dual core)

    4GB ram. DDR.. I forget what speed. It might be running at DDR-800 speed.

    I'm using Windows XP SP2. 32-bit, so only 3.25 GB is available.

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  • First two don't work for me (Unexpected error)

    XP SP2

    AMD Dual Core 2.21GHz

    2GB Ram

    Nvidia GeForce 9500GT

    But the third one works... and WTF?!? How did you do that? It's awesome...

  • But the third one works... and WTF?!? How did you do that? It's awesome...


    it's part of the 's' plugin

    all of the important code is pasted from the CD-ROM(the download version) that accompanied Jos Stam's Realtime Fluid Dynamics for Games talk at the 2003 Siggraph

    the one in the version that works for you is a distorted sprite

    and the color filters are adjusted according to the smoke density

    that math is lightyears above my head

    but you can find a pdf of the talk easily by googling

  • spritefluidredux.exe runs for me too. Heh, pretty. And interesting. It's a nice effect. Even more fun to play with.

  • really cool, but doesn't seem to practical for any large scale thing, id love to see how complicated it is to set up tho, because if its really simple thats a big bonus.

    decrease the window size, its huge and lags everything, plus the render space isn't even being used

    put a tan filter on the mesh distory one and give the layer a colourise, itll look helluva cool (firrre Qzblobs is whatll happen)

  • Might be uber cool for some background, and effects... o-0 explosions.

    Any chance of collision detection?

  • new version, twice the resolution on the smoke, and minus the 1024 useless invisible sprites.

    and a shrunken window for the quazi's out there with weak graphics cards


    Might be uber cool for some background, and effects... o-0 explosions.

    Any chance of collision detection?

    you can put physics particles in the smoke if you want, and have them collision detect. I had another demo doing that.

    for each space in the grid, you can retrieve the x and y velocity, and the density of the fluid. you can change any of those things (right clicking is changing velocity, and left clicking is changing density). You can adjust the viscosity to make water, or gelatin. and you can adjust the diffusion rate, which is basically how quickly it dissipates. Not included in the paper is how to add solid obstacles, or change the shape of the boundary. I'll be trying to figure those things out. to make it a fluid that can flow out of a container, or water that can have a surface. Should be pretty damn tough to be honest.

  • Same here, Lucid... Only the third EXE is running.

    Excelent stuff!!!!

  • this is great like

    All of then are working for me.

    I could see this being used in a under water game.

    when the player and other object moves it sends this waves in water.

    Or a scene in a game were there is a factory and you use this to make smoke is coming out the top of it.

    I would like to see it fade after a while that would be nice.

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