A Fistful of Robots

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  • Ok, here's one rail shooter, made long time ago for something else but never finished until now in Construct. Five levels, five bosses and two zombies on each level to get rid of. Everything is in readme so check that out

    Also, PS2 required.

    Download (2.77mb rar)



  • Wow. Awesome game! The graphics are very stylish and combined with the musics they create a very interesting sci-fi-spagetti western atmosphere. A bit cheesy, but it is the point, isn't it? Somehow it brings to mind Muse's awesome song "Knights of Cydonia" (


    Readme really helps - otherwise the game is almost impossible. The message brings some kind of puzzle element there.

    Some bugs I noticed: In first level when you have killed the upper zombie, shooting there still splashes blood. Also, the skull doesn't appear at the zombie, it appears in the top-left edge of the window.

    And when I was trying to load a game in the game over-screen, it freezes. Is this a bug in the game or a runtime bug in construct?

    Trying to get past the second level now ->

  • Man, that Knights of Cydonia is super!! I wish it was a movie or something, damn!

    This one is actually inspired by an old C64 game called Bravestarr which was based of an old cartoon of the same name. Kinda cowboys with..dunno, lasers and stuff. The game was kinda cool, nothing special but cool in some odd way.

    So, yeah, everything was supposed to be kinda cheesy like that. I wish I could've found some Morricone mods for this occasion (the title comes from Fistful of Dollars and Fistful of Dynamite movies).

    Now, on to the game. I'll check that skull, thanks for report and 'non-dying zombie'.

    For the save/load..this is weird. See, I was running the game from my construct directory and it always created sav file. Now I've moved the game to it's own folder and it doesn't create it anymore, I don't get it. Also, if I try to load it it freezes even though it works perfectly in debugger, both save and load.

    Can you tell me if your save file was created at all? Should be called 'afor.sav'.


  • I love Knights of Cydonia, excellent song.

    Anyway, this is a pretty good little game, although it's bastard hard. The graphics are excellent, brilliant style to them. I do like the western/robots theme, the music backs it up great.

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  • Thanks.

    Ok, after working with it all I can say is that Save/Load in system object just doesn't work or I'm missing something here. I've used on key press Save to AppPath + "name.sav" and the same

    for loading. It does create the sav file in wherever the game is located but pressing L to load will freeze it or crash it with

    'App terminated, report the bug to team, etc.' message.

    So, here, I'm reporting it.

    For the test, I took just a basic box, made it run around the empty screen and using the same technique from above, saved the game then loaded it back without any problems. Now, my game has 6 layouts and a lot of sprites/stuff, maybe the saving system is not yet optimized to handle that much? Memory issue?

    Dunno, but I would really like to see this fixed because saving/loading is such a basic and expected thing in any game, it shouldn't be such a problem to make it work. So I hope someone from team will notice this. I can send my cap to anyone in team if that can help, otherwise I'll just have to remove saving altogether which sucks as it might be really hard for some people to play it then.

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