My first game: Metal X Rock

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  • Hi everyone! This is my first post and my first game! It's called Metal X Rock, a game kind of similar to Asteroids. Why make a game like Asteroids? Well, since this is my first time using Construct, I considered that I should start off small. And an Asteroids-like game seemed to be small enough to start off with, but it was a lot harder than it seemed. But through trial and error, I finally managed to create a working game... At least I think so.

    Here are some screenshots:

    Here is the download link:

    Now with this project finally completed, I plan to spend the rest of winter break working on a bigger game. Expect to see some new projects soon

    NOTE: It would be really cool if you could post a screenshot of your highscores in the game

  • Hi! Welcomes to Construct!

    The game seemed soild to me. My initial thought was it was Metal vs. Rock music lol (but we all know metal is the winnar)

    I'm not too good at asteroids, but this is my high score!

    <img src="">

    My only suggestion, add a button to restart once you loose and lower the volume of the blast noise. I think it scared my girlfriend lololol

    Good works!

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  • Thanks for the comment!

    Here is an updated version with the explosion sound volume lowered:

    As for reseting, well I tried switching layouts but when I start the game again the level won't reset. It will still say game over. Do you know of another way to switch layouts and reset them?

    NOTE: Your first impression of the title was very interesting

  • Nevermind, after figuring out the true awsome power of variables (which took longer than it needed to ), I was finally able to set up a reset system. Press R during the game or after you die to reset it.

    here is the final version (all previous download links are now invalid):

    NOTE: This is the last time I will spend time on this project. I belive it is complete enough for a first project. I also wish to move on, because I've already begun to write a design document and drew some concept art for a much bigger game (like I mentioned in my first post).

    Once again, thank you for your comments and suggestions midnight

  • I really enjoyed it! Maybe when you bash into a rock though it should destroy it? I get trapped sometimes and die in '1 bash'.

  • i didnt try the game yet, but im just telling you that next time you should host your screenshots off of a filehosting site that gives direct links, that way your images wont be in a small window and wont get compressed, try using "will host for food"

  • Very nice. Any chance you'll post the final .cap?

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