My first game: constructive criticism required!!!

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  • Hi all,

    Here is my first attempt at making a game in construct. It is a simple tank shoot - em - up. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, but in particular any suggestions on how I could stop the tank movement sound when the tank is not moving, and if anybody can tell me why the music does not replay when the layer is restarted I would be grateful. Also any tips on making the enemy tanks a bit more "intelligent" would also be appritiated. Feel free to comment on my graphics but I not blessed with any artistic ability whatsoever, so what I probably need is a really good drawing package that turns rubbish into a master piece. I have uploaded the exe file and the .cap file for your viewing, so any comments will be greatfully recieved.

    download file at: ... 0a1ae8665a

    thanks in advance!

  • You need to package up all of your files into one zip file to make it easier for people to test out your game. When I saw all the files I would have to individually download I gave up on this. Also post a pic or screenshot.

  • Well you don't actually need all the sound files to run the cap.

    It looks like a decent start for a tank game. Although it appears to be pretty hard.

    Some suggestions:

    • No decceleration if you don't hold up/down key. Like in realistic war games, where you set the acceleration handle of your tank and it stays there.
    • The tank bounces too much for my taste when it hits an obstacle.
    • Mouse-controlled turret would be very nice.
    • Some kind of smaller obstacles which you can crush with the tank, but will slow you down a bit.

    If I'm not mistaken your tanks are at all times aware of the presence of the player. You could give them some kind of range or line of sight and give them a path to patrol, if they can't see the player. And let them only shoot if they are in range.

  • My Opera can't download. Can anybody repost on a new host?

    <img src="">

  • Because Pixelrebirth made me feel guilty I had to test this out.

    The game was decent work for a first game. Keep it up! I liked the way you set it up and that you had a menu and end screen where you could start a new game. I was frustrated by the delay in firing bullets and how much bounce occurred off of the tanks and walls.

    Implementing Pixelrebirth's suggestions would make this a great game!

    Yaraslau I posted the .cap (but not the sound) on

  • redpicman, nice game! good tank and so many bad. Around only enemies. Unreal situation.

    constructive criticism:

    • tank bouncing is unreal
    • rotating angle in unreal
    • some collisions need more tuning
    • etc.

    Forget this all

    P.S. thanks go also to scidave for re-upload.

  • Thanks for the input everybody! I agree with everything that has been said. I think a big part of the problem I had was making all the enemy tank an instance from the same object, (I cant remember exactly why) but this made it difficult to control the tanks effectively. The tank movement was just the car behaviour, and I agree it did not particulary work as well writing my own control statements. I know i am probably the only one on this site who does not know how to do this, but how do you post screen shots on this site?

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  • I didn't know how to post pics either, so don't feel bad. You can post them to a free site like tinypic and then just reference the image using the Img tags.

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