My First Construct Creation - Text2Speech

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  • I know it doesn't sound interesting and original, since anyone could make it. This is my first time using construct, and it is VERY fun to use. I decided to make this as my first project in Construct. It helped me learn much about construct and it was simple to make, a great app to make for me since I am a beginner to construct. Doing part of the top down shooter tutorial helped me learn how to setup events, and thanks to Newt who helped me with my save/load problem

    Anyways I made this because one, I like learning about software by just diving right in and experimenting. Also, for my pass time I loved playing with the text to speech software installed in computers already, access via control panel. Now that I got vista I have no idea where the Text 2 speech stuff is, so I made this software just so I can play with it

    Anyways, you can save/load text files. And when you load text files, it will be added to a list, where you can select different loaded text files. You can even have the option to auto play when and item in the list is selected.

    Screenie & Download:

    Uninspiring Screen shot of it


  • That's an awesome application.

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  • This is better than ReadPlease! Though its missing the faces to 'ouch' on.

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