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  • This is a small and simple game i came up with in about 5 minutes, with very few events. I was just playing around with the shadowcasting engine, and this just... happened. i made my accidental engine into a playable game with a scoring system and such, and posted it.

    the idea of the game is to survive as long as possible. gradually, you move through what is meant to look like city streets, and passing through buildings reduces your health... you get a score when you die, so it's a good competitive multiplayer game.

    Yes, you can cheat by leaving the upper and lower bounds of the screen... its a problem i haven't got round to addressing yet.

    tell me anything i could add to it, and any bugs i haven't spotted.

    Image: ... 3nzt5dj4yq




  • For a game that uses few events and took a minimum of time to make, this is pretty good. However, to call it a game in its own right is kind of a stretch; it's little more than a shadowcasting example. The way you're talking, I assume this isn't quite finished, so hopefully you'll include a little more content in the final version (if there even is one). Anyway, thanks for sharing! ^_^

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  • thanks, this was basically my first attempt with construct

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