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  • <img src="http://cs10381.vkontakte.ru/u11116386/115425980/x_b7eb73dc.jpg">

    Here's my first game, first indie game in North Ossetia, it's about an ancient instrument with magical powers, you're the one who must retrieve it from the hands of evil!

    There's a little demo available on http://www.indiepubgames.com/game/Faendyr - yeah I decided to take a part in that contest too(stark poverty bothers me much) so if you like it feel free to vote 5 for me!

    The game is being constantly updated, if you find some bugs or have suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me, any critics are highly appreciated! Hope to post video soon! Cheers!

    Next goes promo video!

  • was this made in construct?

  • Sure

  • Strange... it starts up just fine until I click on "New Game", and then I can hear the music and sound effects but all I see is white (it isn't frozen, though).

    I'll have to try it on a different computer.

  • Damn, seems like this bug was caused by sound channels, I load 5-8 files into channels per layout. Btw what are your pc specs?

  • Nice. It worked quite fine for me, with basic on-board Realtek AC'97 audio, though I think the sounds in general will need a bit more polish to them. I found the footstep sounds to be a bit distracting (maybe too loud or distinct), and a couple of them sounded noisy/distorted at the end of the sound.

    I really liked the graphic design of this. I think it looks great. I'm envious of that talent.

    I haven't gotten past a certain enemy with an affinity for percussion, but I think the player character will either need more martial arts ability, or weapons, if they are not already there. I envision this guy with a gun of some sort.

    Speaking of that enemy, I guess I'm getting too slow in my middle-age to dodge very well, or the things that need to be dodged could be a tad slower.

    Very nice demo. I hope the project proceeds well for you. Now to see if I can get farther...

  • Damn, seems like this bug was caused by sound channels, I load 5-8 files into channels per layout. Btw what are your pc specs?

    It's probably just because my computer is so old. I doubt anyone else will have the same problem.

    WinXP Home

    3.0ghz Athlon XP

    2 gig DDR

    Radeon 9800pro

    AC'97 (onboard audio)

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  • Thanks guys ! Yeah I really want to implement advanced martial arts and a gun after the first enemy plus some hints in game. Caspis, your pc seems to be good enough, I think I've lost sense of optimizing with my Athlon Duo 2.8 Ghz and Audigy2 sound card. Guys I think I'll make step sounds lower, planning to rework the gfx a bit, you know, add some detail, plot and gameplay tricks cause the game is pretty boring for yet I think.

    Btw could someone tell me how to make multiply bone structured enemies because when I try to add more than one guard they react all the same, I mean, when I hit one guard, another guard plays animation damage as well, or when one dies, another one dies too but their life count is different so that causes a lot of bugs too?

  • i guess that the bone movement effects every instance of the enemy object .

  • Yeah, that's true.

  • Try using a "For Each" loop...

    Or have another condition that has to be compared in order for the event to work, such as having a detector object or even "is overlapping explosion" etc.


  • Oh, thanks man, awesome decision!

  • You've got a really nice look going on here, Android!

  • Glad to hear that! Oh btw could you people tell me if there' anyone else who gets white screen in game? And could you tell me your system specs(audio and video cards too)?

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