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  • I am making a tower defence game , with home made pixeltastic sprites!

    So far I've gone through 1 crash and lost half the stuff , so I need to redo some stuff.

    Currently the game looks like this:

    Energy is lives , Cash is fairly self explanatory.

    (It just has to go offscreen.. *sigh*)

    I have to give a big thank-you to rich , Since I used his CAP to read and understand what to do. Without him , this wouldn't be here , and to Soldjah Boi and that other guy ( You know who I mean) for fixing a bug with tower placement. Thanks to Deadeye aswell , for fixing a problem I completely forgot on how to fix.


  • I love tower defense games!

    Looks like it's going good so far. Hmm, what are those yellow stuff ont he road?

  • They're really just "large" catseyes.

    And I'm nearing a stable build now with MUCH thanks for Deadeye.

    Also , I'm looking for help to upgrade it.

  • Lookin good . Would be interesting to know what crash you got, though?

  • Crash I got? Oh , that one.

    Yeah , construct just put up a thing saying "Invalid Argument" and then closed down.

    No idea why

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  • If you have any details I'd like to take a look into it; like, what you were doing etc. Cheers.

  • Most likely I was rapidly pressing buttons and since Explorer is a resource hog for me , it must've overloaded. most programs do that on me. Only way to stop it is to navigate my PC using CMD and task manager.

    Anyway , new pic.

  • Great looking explosion! Is that particle effect? I'm very interested in your explosion

  • Simple , really.

    When the tank dies , it spawns a larger "explosion" sprite ( it's in the default Construct files ) , then spawns a particle emitter , with a custom circle texture , one shot , at a 360 degree fire cone.

    Also , look at the status menu.

    Tech level?

    Looks like I'm going to be incorporating more turrets and upgrades.

  • Lookin' good holmes


  • Just going to shove this in here to show that it isn't dead..


    Go there because the forum autofits it BADLY


    Got rid of the bottom menu , too much events used, took loads of time to do , made a side menu.

    Added a Radar

    Added a new turret , which , doesn't work right now ( MMM , Macross missile massacre )

    And I'm going to completely redo all the sprites.



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