End of The Station 2012

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  • This game is looking awesome,love the art style..

  • The gameplay is fun. The controls are incredibly solid. And the art is cool, especially the main character. Great job, Android-Music.

  • Thanks guys!!!

    Decided to make a 3D gun preview, no glow effects unfortunately, had to render in hardware mode(plus I'm not an experienced 3D artist)


    Who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to implement some real 3d guns in the game, not for direct ingame use but a weapon preview - you know, that cool horizontal gun rotation - unitybeta4versionvideo

  • A mini boss test pic

    It's not a final version, just a placeholder, the final one will look badass!

    I love how the project progresses, can't show you much cause what happens these days is mostly a code/logic work and some design decisions, however I'm preparing some awesome stuff, you'll like it for sure, guys!

    Please spread a word about this game if you like it, that would be kickass!

    Also: there's a huge possibility new demo will be available for you guys to test it out near the end of February or very early March, keep in touch!

  • A frame from my teaser video

  • Some experiments with awesome lighting effects:

    Gaaah it's March and I'm not finished yet! I have some interesting excuses though :)

    Perhaps you know a game called "Intrusion 2"... I'm the guy behind the soundtrack. The game has got "IGF Finalist" badge(technical excellence), so Alexey Abramenko, the guy who made this game, was invited to IGF and GDC. He suggested me to visit those events and asked to help him with some minor stuff thereas well. Sure that was awesome news but later we've confronted one serious problem: money. I was trying to find some cash for 2 months but had no luck with work, plus I got insomnia and some problems with my right arm(uncomfortable pc table), I had to stay at home but now everything is fine so I can finally work without any issues :)

    I'm planning to launch fundraiser soon(hopefully this month, demo is gonna be available as well! Please tell me if you like the idea, that's important to me! :)

    Oh and btw could you guys recommend me any voice actors? I'm currently searching for girl voices but any other voices are cool too, I've got many characters in mind, imporant things - sound quality and pronouncing!

    Any other suggestion about my game are welcome, like always! ;)

  • Okaaaay, I've launched an IndieGoGo campaign! Feel free to support me or go take a laugh, anyway, worth checking out! :)



  • Hey everyone! Been a long time, had troubles finding cash for living! I launched campaign 3 weeks ago hoping to get some financial support but completely failed even after contacting near 300 people and game magazines. Many people really liked this project and even spread a word, original prototype was featured at Coin Arcade

    Guys, I need some help, I need at least to reach $700 so I could buy a drawing tablet and make living for some time at least, that will accelerate development and improve my art style a lot!

    If you feel like you wana support me, I'd be very grateful for your help!

    And to make this post look less like "help me Imma need sum moneh" take this! Don't forget to check my trailer from the previous post if you haven't already! Oh and btw, I'm inviting to Newgrounds demo beta test soon so drop me a line if you wanna have an early look at my WIP demo!

  • Well, campaign didn't turn out well for me - $10 but I decided not to give up, have another test video:


    Turns up it's gotta take a waaaay much longer than I planned, I'll let you know when the new demo comes up. Meanwhile enjoy screens, pics, vids! :)

  • The progress looks great! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Check the name of the video ;)

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  • Matt from metroidvanias.tumblr.com checking in.

    Is this project still being worked on? It's been a while since your last upodate.


  • Hey man! Yeah, I'm still working on it, I've really slowed down due to heavy taxes,had to work on two jobs haha! Putting out some neat stuff in early September(this is for sure)! Thanks a lot for checking! :)

  • Just coming around for a poke again. Any news to share? Also... is this the right thread for this still, or is there a EOS 2013 thread now?

    Best regards,


  • No, Matt, this thread is still working, it's just I don't have anything to show. Looking at my previous posts... Daaaang that's intense, lots of promises and still not ready :(

    In fact, I am still working on the demo stuff but I can't show much right now - still need to do a lot of stuff in the game.

    Talking about art I made something(made with wacom bamboo tablet, to be updated probably)

    But I'm partially glad I had such a horrible delay - I made lots of game optimizations and Chrome with NodeWebKit have got a significant speed up - when I made first 10 rooms it was like 15-35 fps, now it runs 58-60 fps on my laptop with integrated graphics card!

    But once again I'm sorry for delays, guys, too many factors held me away from the project!

    EDIT: Great page btw, found so many cool games, I'm drooling right now...

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