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  • It's a room from CC(update 0.24) but C2 version will appear shortly!

    Oh, btw what would you like to suggest to add into the next demo? I'm planning to port CC version to C2(as a playable map probably) but I wanna add something fresh, something like a global map where you select locations and explore them, a little bit like in Demon's Crest or Act Raiser!

  • I would work on making the AI for the shooting enemies more threatening. Maybe give them a melee attack, and make it so they can tell if youre crouching and crouch and shoot too.

    Past that I think I would give the character some sort of interesting new ability.

  • Oh, completely forgot about AI! Abilities, hmmm... would be awesome! Dunno yet whether I'll be able to make 'em right in the next version... but it's worth a try anyway! :)

    If you guys over the forum have suggestions, don't be shy, put 'em out! ;)

    And yeah, people, please check out my thread at


    , got some problems with physics!

    EDIT: oh my goodness, I made an awesome workaround but if you have solution to the problem in that post feel free to drop a word there! ;)

  • Hmmmm, what this wall is doing here?

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/sat34.jpg" border="0" />

    Oh btw, this is a workaround for my physics problem! All boulders are under active physics! Guess how did I do that? :)

    This is a screenshot from C2 version.

    New art asset screenshots are coming just in a couple days!

  • Loving the new setting! It's awesome you got the physics working now too. Looking forward to playing this.

  • Teeth grinding, nerves are burning, gun's gonna shoot itself... Enemy is right in front of you... What should you do? Wait for a perfect turn so you could pass silently or just blow away it's head with your ultra super duper awesome laser gun and then attract another dozen scary monsters that are definitely not looking to have a cup of tea with you?

    Did this while working on the game(just in case I warn you: main hero is dude lol). Comments, suggestions?

    George Dziov, overusing visual effects since 1989 :)

    This is a screenshot from new location, lots of new stuff added.

    I'm thinking about an early pre-order, $1 for start, what do you guys say about that?

    MrMiller and Rory will receive the final product for free, Crowtongue, you will receive full game and some neat bonuses like game artbook in digital format and soundtrack(and my upcoming album) as the most active user! ;)

  • A random monster sketch, guess what inspired me to draw this! :)

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1306951/EOS2012/monster1WIP.jpg" border="0" />

    I wanna put this monsta into game, cool? Later I'll reveal the whole body soon :)

    Can you imagine how does it's body look?

    <font size="5">Also: it's time to shed some light on the story!</font>

    Although you clearly see what game has inspired me, this one is not just about shooting things, it actually has a story and it's not linear like the demo, let's say, the demo is just a 0.5% of the whole idea. It has more than one character, it's already funny and scary at some places.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1306951/EOS2012/stripe1%2070p.png" border="0" />

    Name tells about the beginning of the game. Main character is president of a small republic which is situated on an orbital station 2012, one of the largest stations in the game universe(grand opening, blah blah blah and so on). Everything was fine until an alien ship emerged. Totally it was a battle of all battles, main character and his crew(yes, crew) won but the station was heavily damaged and they had to make a landing on an unknown little planet. Knowing that station will not rise again, main hero decided to turn it into a city and expand it as much as possible but it's not that simple: there are ghosts and monsters around the station. And here begins the real game...

    As you've probably guessed it's gonna feature some other gameplay features, not telling what kind of features yet :)

    <font size="1">(Ugh I gotta buy a drawing tablet some day, arghghgh)</font>

  • Ugh it's been long time since I made previous post.

    So, while working on the game itself I'd like to show you some pics:

    Main hero(he's still WIP)

    And one of his crew(hmmm think I finished)

    Do you like what you see? :)

    Hey, wanna suggest me the third character? Go on, don't limit your imagination, be it a crazy alcoholic robot or a giant squid or something even more ridiculous!!! :D

    Small spoiler: there will be seven people in the squad!

    Next coming: new demo screenshots and some neat stuff!

  • Look'in good!

  • Thanks MrMiller! ;)

    Guys if it's not too late, Merry X-MASS Effect everyone! I was thinking a lot about the third character myself. Besides, most of us are preparing to meet the brand new year, Christmas has come already! So this is what I got:

    This is Rory, the crazy talking cyber tree! And yeah, he is wearing nanosuit(like guys from Crysis, Vanquish, MGS, etc.).

    Hail hilariousness! ;D

    Dare to make something even more hilarious? >:D

  • Seems like you've really ramped this project up. Interested to see how that character will factor into the gameplay.

    New version soon??

  • Can't speak deadlines, to be honest, but I hope to finish it closer to the end of January - many things have changed plus I'm still experimenting with Spriter and a few other tools, searching voice talents, recording some new sounds and music, pimping up my art style, making new footage, bragging about my new super powers in front of my friends, etc.

    What can I say for sure is that new demo(so now I'm not speaking about versions, build 0.24 is final) will be strictly C2(I was working on a Unity version too and it was quite okay but later I came to decision that further development would bring a great mess).

    New demo will demonstrate features I wanted to show for so long like customizable armor, weapons, some new abilities, story, dialogues(yay for voices), enemies, other characters in action and maybe even some mini games(though I'd rather put them in the final product).

    Lots of work but it's veeery interesting, had no such inspiration before!!! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Just a small companion test I did a few weeks ago




    Gosh I hate when Youtube compresses my vids!!!

    My new monster concept, some animations are ready(drew it while listening to Testament - Careful What You Wish For):

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/9yWpq.jpg" border="0">

    You know, somehow my monster images are very hard to upload(sometimes they even won't upload at all), could anybody tell me why? Is it some kind of dark magic or what?

    EDIT: Crowtongue, I was probably surfing high in the sky while working on my prototype problems, terribly sorry, man! I will make sure old enemies behave different in the new demo!

  • It's over 9000!!! :D

    This is one of my past week screenshots. :)

    Decided to delay my work on game videos for a while so I could concentrate more on the game itself.

    Some news(or not news anymore, dunno):

    1)We have companions with a decent AI now

    2)Main hero can give a nice punch in a face

    3)Undead dudes can give a totally free nice punch too

    4)Undead dudes can now sit(OMG I did it lulz)

    5)Added some new enemies

    6)New environments(some of them shown on previous videos and screenshots)

    7)New tunes!!!

    To be short, game got way more dynamic than before!

    Btw did I tell you about about my old Metroid fan game I failed to finish?


    It all started in January, 2009...

    ...I was too young and inexperienced to be able to finish it. And Construct Classic was just version 0.85! Once I upgraded my project to CC 0.95(yeah I haven't made any backup), great headache began - hundreds of bugs, glitches, crashes, in the end all events gone missing - that was fun. :)

    Gaaaah where have you been before, C2, I could become a rock star and conquer the world already!!! :D

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  • Glad to see that enemies can crouch and punch now. That should make your game play a lot better! The AI seems cool too.

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