Emptiness? (27/10/10) Updated CAP and screenshots, V0.99.96)

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  • Hello,

    I'm new here and i am trying to do something with Construct.

    Here is what i have done so far, which is not much since i don't have much knowledge of what can be done with Construct (and how!). I'm not a programmer anyway, just a hobbyist.


    So, this game is simple, it's just some kind of platform labyrinth.

    But it is compeltely dark in there.

    But you play as some kind of lightball made of particles.

    But the platforms are invisible.. and you have to use the shadows to find out where the floors are.

    I agree, this is a really crappy idea. But i like it (saved me the trouble of drawing pretty sprites) Been in love with shadows since Silent Hill 2, so...

    I used a lot of effects with Pixel Shaders 2, but it should work without (but very ugly though).

    Controls :

    Arrows to move

    Right click to jump

    Left click on the halo and drag to light your way.

    Some screenshots :

    <img src="http://prawnsushi.free.fr/bazar/E1.jpg">

    <img src="http://prawnsushi.free.fr/bazar/E2.jpg">

    Now i'm trying to find how i can make the light travel back to it's origin instead of just teleporting... If anyone knows, i'm all ears ! Or eyes, maybe.

    Anyway i hope you enjoy this little piece of sadistic software.


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  • I like it man, quite tricky - nice softness on the shadows and flickering.

  • Thank you, kind sir.

    I'm now working on something inspired by Clock Tower, so i'm quite busy looking at all the drawers in construct....

    Don't know if i'll continue this game.

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