Eden - Procedural Space Game Demo

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  • I?ve put together a very basic demo showing the procedural universe. You can travel anywhere in the universe. There are planets and suns in solar systems. I just wanted to get this out there.. I hope to keep posting new updates on the site and here to mark my progress...

    Use WASD to move.

    M to toggle the map screen.

    Click on the map to set a hyperjump destination. ?J? will jump. (Make sure to set the point within the ship?s jump range).


    <img src="http://edenofficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/screen6.png">

    Movement speed/rotation speed/hyperjump speed etc. will all be variable depending on the ship and the ship?s equipment.

    The game is going to be able trading/battling/exploring etc. I'm going to attempt to make it online through Python (PodSixNet at this stage). The game's battle system isn't particularly real time and low ping reliant. But more on that later.

    Extract both files to the same directory. Please report any bugs as its very untested. I?ll make it accommodate for more resolutions later. AFAIK it seems to work ok.

    P.S thanks to arsonide's project for re-igniting my interest in making space games and pointing me in the right direction on procedural stuff. Although this has been an ongoing project of mine for the last 6 years or so - This is a brand new version started a couple of weeks ago.

    Devlog and site here - http://edenofficial.com/

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  • Looking great, Alee. I let out a quiet "ooooh" when I came upon my first planet. Very cool, and keep the ambition alive!

  • I wondered what had happened to this... nice to see you are working on it again


  • All i can say is WOW!!.That looks pretty awesome.Keep up the great work.

    [quote:vgljiycd]Space , The final frontier , These are the developers of the starship Constructia.

  • Star date 90.210

    Capitan Luke Perry... today we discovered a temporal warp in space. According to Leonard Nimoy, this may be caused by the largeness of my hair, or my ability for inane acting. I know the crew are ready to change the random seed in hopes of a new captain... I heard them saying something about Cheryl Cole and Jessica Alba... little do they know for their existence they are bound to this universe, this seed, this captain. Now, I have a date with Jason Preistley. Luke Perry out.


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