Echo [WIP] - New Genre/Unique Game Mechanic.

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  • Hello, people of Scirra. I have taken upon me a task of no other: To create a totally original gameplay mechanic that has never been used before. Things such as these are difficult to come up with, especially without someone going "u ripd dat from MW2!!! Lol faggot!", but I believe, based on multiple google searches, that I have achieved this, and have a very good way of executing it as well...

    The game WIP, Echo, does not use visuals at all during gameplay. Absolutely none. Instead, you must use your ears, and listen for different behaviors of sound to figure out which direction you must go, and how close you are to deadly obstacles. You must go from Point A to Point B without dying. Bonus points if you find a collectable on your way there!

    The story?

    You play as a elite, highly experienced hacker that has been hired by a group of rebels, who are trying to expose Leviathan Inc. of their corruption and abuse of false advertisements, as none of their products do anything. A special tool was created exactly for this purpose, called "The Echo Subsystem.", which hacks into the Corporations network and steals files from their computer. Once you get enough evidence, you can turn it into the police and have the business shut down for good...

    This game is experimental, by all means, and might not fit as a commercial product. However, I did have plans to sell this on steam at a Maximum of $3. My mind is set to $1, at the moment...

    If any of you care to try a incomplete demo of the game to understand what the f*** I am talking about, you can get it here: ... rivate.rar

    Please give feedback on this project, it makes me smile, and motivates me as well...


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