early prototype 3d dragon(now featuring smoothsnake�)

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  • use the mouse to move the dragon

    'w' and 's' move in and out of the background

    the orange boxes only get hit by the dragon if the z distance is close

    physics removed temporarily

    click image to download

  • thats sick lucid

    you use sprite z placment/distort im guessing right.

    the physics dont account for 3d movements do they? i dont really see how u could do that, but other than that, its really awesome, i love flying in and out of the screen.

    i dont really see the need for physics tho, its making it look jellyish. a follower script like i usen in evOlution would prolly look better, and you could probably tweak its movement over the z plane by making the segments virtual spheres

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  • That is very very good. I love it. Need to see the cap file....

  • thanks guys

    the physics is there for later game play

    it's using a custom math plugin I'm working on with a different type of interpolation

    catmull-rom interpolation

    the jellyish look is because I'm using invisible sprites' imagepoints for the mesh distortion coordinates for quick prototyping. the final version should have completely smooth curves

    the same smooth curves that the path is following

    the physics is just making the sprites move exactly as if they were following the math route, but with physics data...

    like if you gave an object platform behavior, and had another sprite follow it exactly with physics

    you'll notice you can knock the squares around if you're at about the same zdistance as them, it would be possible with alot more work to make the get knocked around the z-axis, but I'm not planning to do that. at least not yet.

    and sorry maciej, the cap requires the custom plugin, which will eventually be released to scirra, but it'll be a while,

    thanks again for the kind words guys

  • that's pretty awesome, looking forward to see what you do with this.

  • Very very awesome. Is this for a game or just a test of the plugin?

  • its for a game, and a plugin

    im testing out gameplay elements and such in this little sandbox before i start on the actual game

    also, im learning ways to make this plugin more useful and user friendly as i go along

  • new smooth edition (took out the physics temporarily)


  • Thats really cool.

    Would be great to see a Deathworm type game with that effect.

  • That's really cool, but i seem to be able to disappear offscreen and not come back... camera's a bit odd.

  • that's wicked cool!

    it gets wonky when you move the mouse really quickly though

  • Awesome, very nice work

    Your engine would perfect for the remake of an old 8 bit game: thanatos

    It could be great

  • Awesome, very nice work

    Your engine would perfect for the remake of an old 8 bit game: thanatos

    It could be great

    I've been unable for years to remember the name of one of my favorite games from back then. Thank you! It's great to see it again after all this time. Still as awesome as I remember.

  • This snake thing is pretty sweet. I'd love to know how it works. I hope you're still working on it.

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