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  • Hey.

    Here is the long waited site Eagle Lore! It's now online But there are still some stuff needed to be done, so not all is final yet ... http://eaglelore.com/ This is to support the local Indie Developers out there in the market, Once this site is fully edit & free of bugs I'll help to support poeple to advertise their games on my site.

    I copy it form the other tag to here! I just see i made a mistake



  • Thanks the site looks wikd keep it up.

  • Love to logo, it looks great. Colour scheme is also nice.

    Only thing I'd do is change the boring font to something more stylish, other than that it looks nice


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  • The fond is stylish! Only reason is ... Most People don't have the current fond install to their computer etc. But i've found a why to make it work, It will soon be ready for all to see



  • To be honest I think you should reconsider the design a bit. For a start, I'm not a big fan of horizontal gradients, nor horizontal moving banners. However, your logo is awesome, and the colour scheme is great, and your Tshirt looks really cool. Just keep in mind that people go to the site to see games and stuff, so the content is what should probably stand out.

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