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  • Determined Stones of Great Size Seek a Helpless Bird

    <img src="http://fc28.deviantart.com/fs42/f/2009/093/9/e/9e27f196e9b9e08b6009054296b39dcf.png">

    My second little entry for Poppenkast's 1 Hour Tragic Compo. I was supposed to make this game within one hour, but I had a little trouble with some stuff once again, so once I got to the two hour line, I decided that I may as well go back and make some of the graphics a bit more attractive than they were... I tried to go as fast as I could, really I did! The game had to relate to the word "tragic". I'd tell you how it relates to that word, but I don't want to spoil the tragedy. (Wow, what a lame joke.)

    Try to avoid the flying growing rocks of doom!

    GameCake still isn't working, so I uploaded the game to willhostforfood. You can download it here: Click me!


    Escape ~ Quit

    Hold Left Mouse Button ~ Fly

    R (on the ending score screen) ~ Play Again

    Edit: Don't press the "R" key (to play the game again) during the room transition between the playing field (after the bird dies) and the ending score screen, 'cause the game will freeze up. There isn't any way for me to fix that other than just taking out the transition animation altogether, because it seems to be a little glitch in Construct itself. So yeah, just wait for the circular transition to finish before hitting "R".

  • Great name. (like the spritework, too)

    I think it might look better if you made the cursor invisible, though.

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  • OMG... I can't believe I forgot about the cursor... Thanks so much for pointing that out (not an intentional pun LOL), and thanks for the compliments too!

  • It almost seems to get easier as the rocks become bigger... is it always the same number of rocks in each wave, regardless of their size?

    (oh, 1065 points so far...)

  • Yeah, always the same number of rocks. I wanted it to be kind of a casual arcade game, not stressful to play, you know? One of my friends played till the rocks became bigger than the game window size (she also holds the current record of 5365 points... she's crazy).

    It's pretty much official now that I'll be making an updated version. I'm planning on reducing the volume of the flapping sound (someone complained about it being too loud), replacing the pointer with something that fits in with the game better, adding a nice title screen with some of my signature vector art style, and Father of Syn is working on some sort of ambient random music/background-noise for me.

  • Since you are making an updated version, might I offer a suggestion for your 'R' problem? You could add a condition to your "On key pressed" event that checks if, say, a global variable is a certain value. When the level starts, set the value to "allow." In all of your actions where you change layouts, set the value to "disallow." That's pretty much how I handled the situation in my game: http://www.constructcorner.com/viewproject.php?id=13 (and it also uses an iris transition )

    Nice looking game, by the way. Very stylish

  • ... Deadeye, you've done it again. Thanks so much for showing me how to get around that problem!

  • say, is that the car-behavior or a custom engine?

  • It's the car behavior (first time I've tried it out). I just changed the settings until I liked it.

  • <img src="http://fc36.deviantart.com/fs44/f/2009/095/b/d/bd4172fa834895906fee26ab15eff9d0.png">

    Okay, version 1.01 is up and ready for action. You can download it here: Click me!


    • In-game Cursor
    • Background Music (Thanks Father of Syn!)
    • Title Screen


    • Flapping sound is less annoying now.
    • The "R" key only becomes active after the player's score fades in now, so the glitch is gone. (Thanks Deadeye!)
    • Flapping sound no longer occurs after the bird is already dead.
    • Background birds now fly in random directions instead of flying toward the center of the playing field every time.

    I think that's everything...

  • lol I suck...10 attempts...129 points... neat idea though hahaha


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