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  • Hey guys. I've been using Construct for a while, as you can see by my join date, so I figured I should start writing something on the forum.

    My current game project, DRODer 2, is an action-adventure game about a sword-wielding adventurer who goes into the dungeons to rid them of all kinds of monsters. It is a sequel to an older game, DRODer, that I created in The Games Factory many years ago. The game has two modes, and each of them provides a very different experience from the other. In the adventure mode, you conquer rooms one after another and explore a big dungeon, collecting health powerups and other interesting things on the way. In the Arcade mode, you begin in an empty room where roaches attack from all directions, and your mission is to simply survive as long as you can.

    Currently the game is only half-finished and there are only a few levels in the adventure mode. I plan to add more to the adventure very soon, and also include more objects to make the levels more interesting.

    Here are some screenshots so you can see what the game looks like.

    A game of Arcade Mode in progress. In the top right of the screen, you can see your total points and the high score. In the top left you can see your remaining extra lives, and in the bottom right you can see the combo meter, which gives bonus points for enemies defeated in quick succession.

    This is one of the most tricky rooms in the adventure mode. It has some gates and orbs in it. When you hit an orb, all the gates are toggled from open to closed or vice versa. The orbs that have cracks in them can only be hit once. In the top right you can see a health powerup. It's very difficult to get it since the gates will always close before you can reach it. The solution to this room is to think outside the box and do something very unexpected!

    The current version is v0.61. You can download it here:


    I give my thanks to those who have helped me on this project so far: Tom Smith (also known as Insomniac), who provided some of the graphics and made music for the adventure mode, and Jonatan Krogh (also known as Attan) who provided the Arcade music, gave me some technical advice about Construct, and generally is an awesome guy.

  • A new version of DRODer 2 has been released. I've updated the link and screenshots in the previous post to reflect the changes made in v0.60.

    The most important change in this version is the addition of an inventory system. You can now carry certain items and use them for temporary benefits, such as a bigger weapon or increased turn rate. Currently there are four items in total, but it is likely that more will be included in future versions.

  • thats cool, you know you can really do something amazing if you take this style, make it look alittle like assassins creed menu style.

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  • I like the music and the style.

    great work in level design.

    may the force be with you!

  • Version 0.61 is now available. This update added a minimap and statistics in the pause menu, a new optional rotation type, and an expanded options menu where you can adjust the amount of special effects among other things.

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