Demo is out for GO!GO!MADDI!

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  • Hey all!

    The demo was approved already over at indiedb so you can click below and go to the downloads to snag it. There is a list of bug there and also the keys, etc.

    Hope you all like it!!

    Go!Go!Maddi! Demo is out!! Get it here!!



  • Nice one

  • Thanks! That demo is kinda old now - I've been rebuilding it all in Construct 2. Just litteraly finished the Crab boss at the end of stage 1-3. Not much left to do on that section. Just rebuild a few of the enemies in that level which should take the better part of a day.

  • Amazing game! Very "Capconish" :)

  • Thanks! I'm becoming extremely torn between the two versions of Construct. I've actually been updating the Classic version (this demo) to match the C2 version. The CC version is smoother but only runs on windows while the C2 Version is a bit clunky but runs on anything that supports html5.

    Another up side to CC is Perspective/Skew. Which allows me to do the Fake 3D levels for the game along with effects like I used on the title screen sky and water. The new stage (wild west)would benifit from perspective/skew especially when you start riding the horses.

    Another thing with C2 is when the torch is flickering it eats up the cpu... So I can't use it or the frame rate becomes very erratic.

    Anyhow, thanks for playing the demo! I hope to have the C2 demo out for halloween as the haunted woods level is now very halloweeny :)


  • Looking really awesome, and I'm sure your daughter's happy you're making this game. More specifically, the graphics were done really nicely (I love the scanline filter effect you did!), though I'm not much of a fan of the music/sound effect choices. I'm not a big fan of the hazy effect going on in the graveyard/first level. It was rather nauseating, and made it difficult to tell what was going on. Also, are you using a tile-based engine? That would probably help the game perform better (my computer's fan started acting up when I ran the game!).

    <img src="" border="0" />

    ^It deletes the tiles that the player never sees, making the game run faster overall.

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  • Hey! Thanks for the awesome reply! Yeah, I'm no fan of the sound in it's current state. I'm having issues controlling the volume of the fx. There is no music in this version of the demo but the next version will have all of the place holder music in it. I'm not going to touch the actual music/fx until I'm nearly done the game. It's probably the most time consuming thing I have to do.

    I am using a partial tile based background but the trees and grass are sprites - skew only works on sprites. This demo also wasn't optimized at all. For things that are off screen now they are set to hidden until coming onscreen. Which should be reducing the cpu load.

    I have noticed that once you begin the cave stage the game slows to a grind *ONLY* of played from after the first stage. Something from the previous layout is staying behind. Although everything should be clearing. Also the animation of the coins kills the frame rate for some reason.

    The fog is altered in the new version of the game as well. I won't be removing it though. It's supposed to make the game harder in that area.

    This is my first game in construct and I've actually learned how to do other optimizations that will be done in the end. For example I had no idea what families were and did not use them say in the instance of bullets. When I began the html5/webgl version of the game I learned how to control things like that so I'll end up going back and adding (technically removing) parts like this.

    I will have a new demo coming out on halloween hopefully. The first level was rebuilt to have a halloween theme. And the end of that stage has a boss. I'll be posting the html5 version as well although if your computer was picking up the pace on the dx9 version, the html5 version unavoidably will do worse. I don't think it's meant to handle the level of stuff I've thrown at it haha!!

    Anyhow, stay tuned for a new demo this week. I'll be removing the ghost sound as I know thats the one that irritates me. The music covers up everything else. I'll host the exe file on my own site this time so the placeholder music isn't a copyright issue for indiedb.

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