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    Is this going to be another one of the hundred Metroidvania games being made?

    No, mine has robots.

    Basic Summary:

    It is the year 513X, a robot uprising in the year 3027 has made the humans extinct and long gone. Humans were long forgotten and over time, Robots and AI eventually began to grow personalities, the planet begin to decay and weaken, due to the environmentally-crippling nature of the robots, massive factories emit enough pollution to envelop the sky, every single inch of rain was acidic, and over time, oxygen contaminated making it insuitable for human inhalation.

    You play as a block bot (name will be of your choosing), brand of robot that has many uses... excluding Combat. The block bot had a penchant for adventuring, and eventually discovered a piece of what remains of human culture... and it was curious.


    • Puzzling Platformer Power! Explore a world of adventure, wonder, and acidic rain, and maybe solve a puzzle, find stuff and jump, either way, all is good.
    • Enemies. Punkbots push, hardbots hit, boombots blow up, cutthroat bots slice (with a C). How will you deal with them without resorting to lasers?
    • Battery Life! Blockbots have a 60 minute battery life. With auxiliary energy resource for operating attachments. If you run out of power, it's a soft game over for you.
    • Etc.

    Release Date:

    Out when its out.

    When can I play an Unstable Version?

    Passed. Not happening this year.

    Should you be excited?

    Nope, but I don't dictate your life.

  • Looks and sounds interesting. Will be checking out the demo/beta as soon as it's up!


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  • Is this going to be another one of the hundred Metroidvania games being made?

    No, mine has robots.

    Obvious Cave Story ripoff (???)

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