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  • I'm pleased to announce the sequel to Decision Remark is availible for play. It can be downloaded here: ... rk-2/1436/

    There were many suggestions given for my first game and I've tried to follow most of them...

    You're probably wondering how I was able to turn out a second game so fast. It's for reasons such as re-using most of the same content (which saved a month or so), getting rid of the Phase-system and focusing on a world (which saved another month), and not focusing on as many time-consuming things which won't be enjoyed. I'm going to say that it's possible this game still has bugs though.

    Here are some of the changes from the first game:

    1. The A key is the action key, and the S key uses your weapon (once you have one). And as usual, the arrow keys control the character. (In the first game, the Enter key was the action button... which was something complained about.)

    2. The Playable Character now only uses one view... instead of switching view from side to top-down.

    3. While this wasn't a complaint about the first game, this is an addition... in the first game, text was rendered right over the field when you were talking to characters. In this game, I've added a dialogue box.

    4. In the first game, any items you obtained were pretty much temporary. In this game, there is an Item System to try to improve this issue.

    5. This also wasn't a complaint, but I have done away with a system where you advance through Phases. Now there is a "Day" system where a day lasts 12 hours, from day to night. This is actually about 2 minutes in standard time. And if you get killed by an enemy... you are penaltied by being taken to the next day.

    But before I get ahead of myself... I'd like for you to try the game yourself and see what you think.

    Anyway, here is how you play the game:

    Arrow keys - control character

    A key - the action button. Use it when you want to do something like enter a room or talk to someone.

    S key - the button you use to use your weapon... once you have one.

    Also, the first house you see upon starting the game is your character's house. Inside is a bed... if you ever feel the need to get a Day over with, press 'A' next to the bed and the character will sleep the rest of the day away.

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  • Wow, now that was a great game! This game was way better than the first one. You had a certain number of days which kept the action tense. The plot was much better and the missions were a great touch. I also liked the combat element and it was easier to know what was bad and what was good. I also liked the graphical view of the inventory. Day and night were nice.

    The negative was that the monsters were not that smart and I could mostly avoid them by running along the bottom of the screen. Also, most of the monsters just moved in the same pattern.

    I beat the game on Day 11.

    Nice game again.

  • Thanks.

    I'm not sure what I'll be doing for the third game... though I have a few random ideas.

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