Death Platoon

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  • hello guys, long time no see.

    i come to show my late creation and come for some feedback.

    The Game is called Death Platoon. You play the only survivor of a 5 member Elite squad sent to Phobos moon we're some weird stuff going on... ( a feeling of "Deja vu" ?)

    And there were weird stuff there...

    but also deadly..

    and weird..

    and weird and deadly indeed, four of you buddy died there. 'Go ta do sumthing!"

    Its base on the Ghost Shooter template. but im steering it for a more complex tunnel game largely inspired by classic sci-fi/horror game; Space Hulk, Doom, Alien etc.

    So since i started this thread,, i have no choice but to go forward..

    Thanks for your Comment /critic and stuff.

    But for those extreme enough grab your EXE here

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • A upload the EXE to mediafire for those who prefer it

  • todays build.

    man i really start to get into Construct. And the "easy" factor of this project help me a lot for the luvz

    -add wall

    -fiddling some GFX

    -getting the look a bit more interesting

    -Add a "Flame-thrower" with RMB

    I have some problem with the Shadow caster behavior , im thinking of making my wall in block to solve this. but the same effect will happen on corner.

    <img src="">

  • big thing you need to do is change the enemy ai, x scrolling goats walkers is pretty weird, also the guy rotating around his gun is pretty crazy. seeing as how this looks a lot like the ghost shooter tutorial.

    im gonna go out on a limb and assume this is your first game, if so, your doing really good. not to impose but i can give you some of my old top down shooter sprites if you want them.

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  • The shadow caster behavior doesn't work with other shapes than square yet, so I think that the game would look better if there wasn't shadow caster on the enemies... Currently they look very odd :D

  • Bartosh: yeah its based on the ghost shooter template, i try to make a full game with it.

    Some kind of Top-down DOOM . Thanks for you offer but art is my force ( i am a 3D artist) so i will try to use more of my own creation.

    And yes its my first game. i played before with construct but i never go this far, i know it far from complete, so you can imagine my previous try.

    Drasa don;t worry i notice about the shadow caster

  • Update for the 3 december:

    -graphic start to take shape.

    -solve some problem with the collision

    -ADD Super cheap player shadow

    I know so small update dont need to be shown but this help me to keep motivated so gne

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • Lookin' pretty sexy there mate

    I really gotta start reading this section when I'm at home so I can actually download and test this stuff out. Crap computer at work is crap.


  • stange my latest post didnt work..anyways

    here is my latest build now with animated texture and other useless goodies

    <img src="">

  • hey 'm just curious and i want your advice. I'm starting to create enemy type.

    What type seem to be more interesting

    there's no real story yet except for wht you can read on my fisrt post , thats why have plenty of space to create a new world

    so the candidate are:

    -- Zombie-scientist and other victim of virus

    -- Demons of any sort ( we all know scientist just love to open the gates of hell..)

    -- Robots ( kill all human Bzztt!!.)

    -- Freaking alien that eat humain brain for breakfast (that's mean they ARE badass)

    there is no way to put this as a vote.. it would been easier/

    Anyway. maybe i'll make a mix of all ...

  • Big leap here. IMO learnt a lot of ting like the distance function (thanks guys)


    ** now with level!!!!

    ** Now with Zombie ( use your imagination PAleaze!!!)

    **The small target stick to the player when you move it too close of the player. useless but fun.

    i didn't thought of a solution to make stay in place.

    And also if some of you have an idea to how to make sure my zombie don't start to float everywhere

    like balloon. Some stay in the line , the other go haywire..anyways hop! to the next step.

    image !

    <img src="">


    and the Cap.

    With image and my buggy code ! !

    And also if some of you have an idea to how to make sure my zombie don't start to float everywhere

  • One bug you might want to fix is that you can never die your health goes into the minuses.

  • The graphics look great.

    The gameplay though is pretty much Ghost Shooter with some walls. Also, there seems to be collision problems when enemies attack the player... are the enemies set to Solid by any chance? (I've only played the .exe version )

    Also, enemy spawning is a little strange. There's enemies spawning inside of walls and outside of the map. Might I make a suggestion? Have a few enemies strategically placed when the level starts, then have dedicated spawn points where enemies come out of if the player comes near, like portals or doors or factory machines or whatever. Kind of like the oldschool game Gauntlet. There were enemy "generators" around the levels that spit enemies out. And you could even destroy the generators so no more enemies could spawn at that point.

    Also, enemies spawn faster than I can kill them. If you wait just a few seconds without shooting anything then there gets to be so many enemies you can never really clear them all.

    One last thing that bugged me is that enemies can spawn right underneath you . Having dedicated spawn points would fix that too.

  • yea i know i don't reinvent anything.and yess they were on solid

    you were quicker than me for the enemy spawning point. that was on my plan so i push it a bite and TADAAM!

    Plus you can destroy it after 10 shot.

    And Yeah, eventually i'll build a gamedesign to make a real game with story and all.

    Also on this release, i played with BumpMapping... OK I'm sorry but this just gave me the taste to do a doom3 Fan-Game.. So nice. (can you see i already be inspired a lot by doom3 design.. nooo)

    on the bump Mapping, it would be nice to control the specular color (via an effect maybe)

    something not fancy like dodging the underlying object color, a bit like Combine Dodge do, ( i guess i'm not wrong)

    Graphically i still need to push it, but i'm not oriented at learning Construct.

    No screeny for today

    I'm too lazy and its too late.

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