Death Kid Robot - First 'completed' construct game.

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    Download - Normal (Edited version)

    Download - Hard (Original version)


    Hello! I'm not new to construct nor the forums, but I want to share my first completed game in 'Construct'. Anyways, enjoy and it would be appreciated if you find any major bugs that I should fix.


    Update 5/28/11 : Made most of the levels less difficult.

    Update 5/29/11 : Kept the original version and labeled it (Hard mode) Hah, goodluck.

  • Welcome

    Just tried out your game, it's very hard right off the bat. It's generally good practice not to murder your players so mercilessly in the first couple of levels, so they can get used to the controls. Then you can start ramping up the difficulty. It's sometimes hard to balance this on your own because you are an expert at your own game . Anyway I didn't even pass the first level. I died like 25 times and gave up.

    One thing I was wondering, are you using your own custom platform movement, or the Platform Behavior? It seems a little off somehow. Like you're not using TimeDelta. It seems like I can make the exact same jump, the exact same way, in the exact same place over and over again, and half the time I hit the spikes with my head and the other half of the time I don't.

    Or maybe your controls are just super-sensitive. Though I am pretty sure I am making the quickest tap possible to make the smallest jump possible, and I hit my head on the low spikes anyway (early on in the first level... you know which part I mean, yes?).

    Anyway not bad, but super-hard games aren't really my thing in general so maybe someone else can give some better feedback...

  • I agree with dead eye, this game is F***ING HARD! I usualy like challenging games but I don't like frustrating. It's hard enough to get through the level, let alone get those orbs. on this game, if your off by half a milasecond your dead.

  • On the bright side the graphics are cool, and the music is bland in an awesome way. Seriously if I can't complete the level after nearly 100 tries I can't of how many times it's going to take me to complete the last level.

  • I've managed to get to level 3 so far, although it did take me about 50 deaths to do that. I like the game though, the blue squares background from level 2 on really adds some nice atmosphere to it

    On a side note, I found level 2 to be way easier than level 1, maybe swap them around to make the difficulty curve a little less steep? Also, the jumping/moving feels a bit floaty. It's not too bad on levels 1 and 2, but on level 3 it makes the level really hard.

  • Wow, I didn't expect the first few levels to be that hard I'll edit all the levels today.

    Anyways, deadeye I use the platform behavior and time delta for the moving spikes. I haven't tested it on any other computer, but I had a feeling the platform behavior would screw up. I can if need be make a custom movement behavior, but it would probably change the whole game because I need suspended jump.

    EDIT: BTW, the music changes every 5 stages.

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  • It's probably not the platform behavior messing up, it's coded pretty solidly. It's likely my clumsy fingers just mashing the jump key a split second too long.

    Still, if you gave a little more clearance and a little more room to make small mistakes in the early levels, it would make the game much more approachable to more people. Slowing down the spike wall would be good as well, and you can make it gain speed every few levels or so.

    Like I said before, just allow people time to get used to the game gradually. The first few levels should be challenging, but not necessarily "hard." Since you're an expert at your own game the first few levels might seem like really boring levels for babies, but that's just not the case. Expertise comes with practice. You can't practice if you can't get past the start.

    Another thing that keeps game levels interesting, and will keep players engaged, is a good level flow. Take a look at how other games set up their difficulty within a level. The start is usually somewhat calm, then the action ramps up, then there's a truly difficult bit, then it calms back down again for a moment. It's like a wave. Easy bits followed by hard bits, repeated over and over until the level is done. If it's all hard all the time there is no chance to catch your breath, and people get frustrated more easily and are more likely to put your game down.

    Of course there is always a niche for super-hard games that start off hard and stay that way. And if that's what you're looking to fill then that's cool too. Just keep in mind that not everyone enjoys maso-core games like that. It's just a matter of which audience you're trying to reach.

  • Hehe yea, I always liked very hard games. Anyways, I improved most of the levels so it's more 'beatable'. I hope I haven't made it too easy. You can download the new one up top.

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