Dark Asteroids

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  • yeah it's just gameplay right now.

    Gotta add some instructions, UI, scores and a way to restart =)

    40fps? whoa. I should turn down the effects a notch then. There's some wasteful things I'm doing for no reason, I just wanted to know how bad it was.

    Once I figure how to use the registry object, there should be fullscreen, high scores and then a way to gracefully restart =)

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  • Game area seems a lot better now. I would like to see the asteroids collide with each other, at the moment they just overlap.

    Only got to Level 8 - I suck at asteroids, always have done.

    Again it's a really nice asteroids game - with a highscore board, the UI and the other stuff it's missing it'll be really good.

  • i receive a: server not found error message...

  • sadly, my (incredibly cheap) server doesn't reach the whole world.

    Yeah, that is possible, somehow. Don't ask me. I couldn't reach it from a certain country, and I've heard it's completely unreachable from several. Sorry bout that =/

    About asteroid-on-asteroid action... I'll try it and see how it changes gameplay. If it makes it more fun, I'll keep it =)

  • cant you uploaded it on a host like RS or anything else?

    i really like asteroids-like games and I am curious to see it.

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