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  • http://www.mediafire.com/?yv2ndgxaz9u

    A Defense game I�ve thrown together after my last 2 games had debilitating crashes. It�s still pretty early in its development, but it�s playable.

    Player 1 controls-

    W A S D keys to move

    Space to shoot

    1,2,3 keys to switch weapons

    Player 2 controls-

    Arrow keys to move

    num pad 0 to shoot

    num pad 1,2,3 to switch weapons

    To build turrets you need to be in the base (the thing you�re defending). Click on the icon, then were you want it.

    Currently only the burst cannon can be upgraded. To do so, click on it when you�re outside the base.

    Each weapon gets exponentially better with every guy you kill. It�s not vary balanced right now but like I said� It�s still pretty early in its development�

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  • Yo man!

    I can foresee some real coolness with this game! I admit I'm not too crazy with the topdown movement, it just feels too resident evil tank-like. That aside, the concept is cool and the different enemies is good to do early (I don't want to kill the same dude over again!)

    One thing that was a pain was that At first I wasn't sure where my guy was gong to fire at, it felt too random. Then I noticed he holds his gun at an angle, so that was understandable.

    So imo just tweak the controls if you can to allow the player some confidence in where they are aiming (maybe some cross hairs?) and maybe edit the movement.

    BTW there was a VERY cool MMF game that you controlled a group a soliders fighting off waves of bugs, but I can't remember the name...

    that'd be an excellent example to look at.

    Take care!

  • ...my last 2 games had debilitating crashes.

    Did you report these crashes? Otherwise they can't be fixed...

  • yeah, deferent enemy's is my current to do. im also going to add a randomly selected boss every 10 waves

    controls are a trick because of the 2 player aspect. i might make it so if you select 1 player mode you get a traditional 8 direction base with a rotate to face the mouse aiming.

    cross hairs is a good idea


    "BTW there was a VERY cool MMF game that you controlled a group a soliders fighting off waves of bugs, but I can't remember the name..."

    i think the game your thinking of is aliens infestation 2, that and tremors 3 were kinda the inspiration for this.


    i submitted 1 of the crashes (the one that crashes when i tried to save the level made in the in-game editor). it was an Anonymous submission though. the other one happened way back in the day when construct switched to a newer version.

    i might pick up the pieces and remake them after version 1.0 comes out.

  • well heres version 0.50(i guess)


    couple new enemy's---

    Baddies: the first little red dudes you face, basically cannon fodder.

    Critters : little robot/bunny things, die in 1 hit with everything, but hurt you pretty good if they touch you

    Grunts: green dudes, there health and number of shots fired goes up exponentially with every wave

    Lava Ticks: walking bombs of lava, they also get more health when they walk threw lava

    Beetles: flying annoyances

    Juggernauts: have a force shield that gets stronger when more Baddies are around and shoot plasma.

    Ill add the targeting sites and 1player 8 direction movement in my next release...

  • cool game indeed.

    control are a bit hard to get at first but i can become a sweet classic for sure.

    The time between wave is a bit long IMO after killing the 2 first enemy its like *whistle* for 20 second..

    i'll wait for the next update.

  • http://www.mediafire.com/?igywi1dlgly

    By popular demand(what... 2 people?) Ive made it so in 1player the movement is traditional 8 direction/ aim at cursor, should be a LOT more user friendly(turned out to be easier to do than i expected), also if you want more action, click on the timer, it sends in another group of enemy's.


    thinking about it, this is the only 2player defense game I've ever heard of....thats gotta count for something, then again 2player games on the same computer are far and few between.

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