Curves Effect Visualizer

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  • <font size="4"><font color="brown">Curves Effect Visualizer</font></font>

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    Curve Effect Visualizer

    Simple tool to make you easly visualize all of the Curves effect parameters.


    -You can load two custom images.

    • Random for individual parameters was reduced - but global RGB,R,G,B random stays as it was.
  • Useful tool for the Curves effect!

    I suggest limiting the random values to the range of -200 to 200 maximum, otherwise you get too wacky results. Also would be nice to have an option to load custom images.

    Nice work anyway.

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  • Before i post it i've been thinkinkg a lot about limiting values.

    After some testing with limiting values i decide to not do that, simply because sometimes you want to do something crazy and if you want you can always lower some of the values.

    For custom images emm, my mistake. Forogot to toogle couple of event ^^, will be fixed when i get home, lol what a shame;)

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