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    Cubes'n Blocks is a game similar to the classic Arkanoid. As you may recall in that game, the ball we had to bounce the ball off a tiny platform, which then destroys blocks, often giving some power-ups for us. In CnB, they are blocks, there is a ball, bonuses, and of course - a platform. But it isn't so common platform. Not just blocks, but some parts of platform can also be destroyed! The main feature of the platform is the so-called B]bit-by-bit platform destroying system. Ball bouncing off our platform may cause more or less damage, depending on how we set the position of our platform relative to the ball's position at the time (soon, you will know that the most effective to bounce the ball is using the platform corners). In our hard situation will help us many kinds of bonuses, as ball's slowdown, superbareer, Slayer, increase of the platform's strenght, and others. Perhaps our "fight for survival" will turn into a fight for the score, which, as it will turn out in the summary of the game, will be affected by many factors.

    I remain I wish you a nice game - maybe you'll like it. ;]

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