A couple of games I've been working on

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  • These are some games I'm working on (no where close to finished) :


    <img src="http://img394.imageshack.us/img394/2274/poolgameqf3.png">

    http://www.fileshack.us/get_file.php?id ... l+Game.rar

    Planning this to be a cross between pool and minigolf and top down action games. The pool element is in knocking balls into the holes to lock them in place to create a circuit to power a door...or destroy a bunch of energy blockers by knocking them into the incineration hole...etc. Its kind of like minigolf in that you fire off towards where you click, and theres a destination to reach. Whilst having puzzel elements and all the usual stuff that top down game have... I could even give the ball a weapon it can fire to destroy enemys....or a powerup that makes it destroy anything it touches....depends what I feel like really...


    <img src="http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/5713/fishyhj2.png">

    http://www.fileshack.us/get_file.php?id ... =FISHY.rar

    Really just an experiment with distortion maps, but I was thinking it could be fun to make it a game where you have to eat the smaller fish and avoid the bigger fish...and you become bigger as you progress... but really focus on the effects to make the game try to be as beautiful as aquaria...because I've seen lots of 'eat the smaller animal' games but they are usually pretty amature. I'd probably need to make the fish move faster though


    <img src="http://img394.imageshack.us/img394/2535/stickgraphictn3.png">

    http://www.fileshack.us/get_file.php?id ... stabby.rar

    Nothing more fun that poking something with a stick!


    All artwork is by me

  • Very nice. Especially the first one. This would make quite an addicting game! The second and third should have lower priority.

  • 1. It's an okay idea. Could be better if presented more complete with all the core features running. Hard to tell from just knocking a couple balls around. Another thing I felt was that the "shine" you did for the floor, etc, came across more like fog. Is it fog? If so, ignore that!

    2. I smell tech demo more than anything I would pass on this one.

    3. Inspired by Little Big Planet at all? That sack guy looks a bit too similar to the characters in LBP I think. Other than that, I'd like to see something like that I think. It's sort of like your first idea but the mechanics are a rag-doll instead of a ball.

    <img src="http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:r0ecJnKAswzz7M:http://images.wikia.com/littlebigplanet/images/8/80/Sackman-large.png">

  • I think the third is the most promising, a lot more original than the others. Guiding him through a maze could be potentially be a really fun (and probably quite difficult) puzzle game, then you could add bosses or whatever where you have to slam him into them at high speed, I dunno I think you could take that one a lot further than the others.

  • The alien pool game looks pretty sweet, I already want to play the finished version. And your art in all of them is excellent.

  • Looks sweet dude!

  • Nice!

    1. Cool idea. Pretty well original in a lot of ways, but a bit hard to control. The force that the ball is shot at seems a little extreme unless you are so close to the "player" that you are on top of it. Personally I would tone that down a little, but otherwise it looks awesome. That shiny floor looks sweet, and the pucks have a cool glass effect to them with that internal pinwheel thingy-ma-jig. Tight!

    2. Wow that's kinda cool. How did you make the fish all bendy like that?



  • I think all of them sound and look like they could be really great games!

  • Im extremely impressed by poke the grumpy lazy sack of - anyway yeah that looks fun, I lol'd when I got him in the corner and the stick started doing rapid jabs at him

  • Game 1 + Game 3 = ????

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  • i need some help with distortion, i have no idea how to make something like your fish, and i would really apreciate some help

  • Gaah! I missed them before fileshack got replaced by IOJ (which btw is awsome!) You got to re-upload them!

  • Agreed! Stupid IOJ.

    Re-upload them!

  • Im with the others re-up please ^^

  • david can you tell me how you made that fish, i need a similar effect.

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