Couldnt ressist any longer

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  • Couldnt ressist. Its hard to dev a game in total secret.

    Without feedback you recive much less motivation.

    I am sharing this here and here only.

    I still need about a week or two to finish the game.

    Then a week+ for establishing a internet store.


  • I laughed when I saw the menu. Good job, Irbis. From the menu the game looks really entertaining.

  • Thank you. It actualy is. When testing i offten found myself actualy PLAYING it instead of testing heh.

    Its about Cows in space, eating rotten eggs. You fight various enemies like meatgrinders, horny farmers, flying saucers, butchers or space cowboys or Fat People. You fight all of them by shotting various kinds of milk from your udders and poop from your butt. There are 22 enemy types, 16 cows, 16 perks, 16 power ups and 8 game modes. The most of the stuff has to be unlocked in Milk Bar by spending points you earned from playing.

    The game cannot actualy be "beaten" per se. Its mostly about trying to survive for all long as you can, eating eggs, killing enemies and gaining expirience/Level Ups on the way.

    Its quite simple, kind a old fasion when games doesnt need to have AAA graphics, million dollar budget and 300 people working on it.

    I am trying to go all the way back when games were actualy just... fun to play you know? When it was a source of joy and entertaiment not semi-interactive movie treating players like retards with invisible walls everywhere.

    The name is Rotten Eggs Eating Cows.

    REEC for short.

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  • just swicthed to Unreal 3 engine.

    sh*t never looked so good.

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