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  • Well I think it is about time to create a thread on these here forums about the game I'm working on. I've posted an introductional video in the "Post screenshots of what you're working on!!" as I didn't know there was an actual video thread (there was no sticky I swear!). But the deed was done none the less :P

    Anyway enough about that, let's talk Containment:

    Containment is a single player platform game. It is about territory control with some kind of tower defense backing it up. There will be four main characters at the player?s disposal, these guys are the main characters of the webcomic Existence Unknown.

    <center>Initial development Started on February 25 2011

    <font size="4">Build19 is currently being developed </font>

    Build18 was finished on August 2, 2011</center>

    <font size="2">--Yes I copy pasted this from the indieDB page ;)</font>

    More information and links to related video's/web pages:

    Indie Indeed Showcase

    <font size="2">A first impressions series I'm running on my YouTube channel. Not just for my own stuff. If you want your indie games on there just PM me and we could set something up</font>

    <font size="2">--I will try and keep this OP updated with the things surrounding Containment, don't worry I will add some screenshots of the game on here once I get to the phase I feel comfortable posting them. It's mostly developermode and tiles currently.

    The next build will be focusing on artwork and of course the character skill sets.</font>

  • <center><font size="4">Avast me hearties, there is treasure to behold...</font></center>

    Well not really, but I do have the basic look of the main characters finished and also some animation. Which remain hidden for now, until I get them ingame, I'm not a fan of *.gif animations! I'm going to use 128x128 for the main chars and they will of course resemble their webcomic look and style.

    Here's a picture on indieDB showing you the guys of the game and webcomic


    Click on it for a bigger picture

    and some info on indieDB

    The link to the article on indieDB<font size="1"> when they approve it...</font></center>

  • I like how it's going! I went through your site and went through some of the comic. The screenshots you have make more sense after seeing all that. You seem to be getting pretty well into this. I hope to see more soon! Keep it up.

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  • Yeah, the developer tiles and random (insider) information, I'm talking about in in the video's are somewhat confusing. The funny thing is, the ingame chars look very consistent compared to the comic itself :P

    Short sitrep:

    I've got animation for movement (walking), idle animations, holster/draw weapon finished and working ingame. Now I'm working on the ladder animation and transition animations as well. And after I've got those ingame and working, I'll start work on the world art and perhaps some weapon sounds and shooting scripts.

    The next video will probably be somekind of trailer with at least one or two enemies in there as well. giving a better view of where I want to go in terms of look and feel of the game <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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