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  • I've come up with a new demo for the demos section of the site. Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions, how it runs for you etc (it's the most graphically intensive demo), critique, bugs etc:

    Edit: updated

    I'm hoping to make this the definitive demo file for Construct because it shows off a lot of the rendering capabilities, so feel free to nitpick!


  • That's just cool as can be.

    At its most intensive, I get no less than 30fps - and keep in mind I'm running on a Radeon X600m (the gimped laptop kind, not the regular one). The only card I've seen lower in laptops is the X200m, so even all these shaders run very nicely across a large number of mid-range consumer notebooks.

    The zoom feature seems to be a little.. jagged. Perhaps adjusting in exponential increments would smooth things out. The greater the change in required zoom, the faster the effect. It would help in situations where small changes in zoom are currently causing the screen to jiggle.

  • Runs perfectly on:

    Intel Celeron M 1.86GHz

    Intel 945GM Express

    502MB RAM

    Windows Vista Home Basic

    I clock in around 50-60 FPS when just idling.

    I hope you don't mind me stealing that rain effect

  • I suppose those framerates aren't bad for lower end cards. My 8800 GT can crank out 300FPS+, I was wondering what other systems would manage!

    What shader model do those cards support? The demo tells you at the start. You need 1.4 for the water ripples to show up!

  • My X600m supports ps2.0, surprisingly. It's been rather future-proof until just recently. You and your 8800, psh! Hahaha.

    I guess it's time for me to upgrade.

  • Yeah, 2.0.

    2.0, not 2.a, unfortunately.

  • Runs at 60+-2 fps

    PentiumD 2,67GHz

    Radeon x1600 pro

    2048 MB DDR2 Ram

  • Looks really nice...

    Runs at a constant 40-42 FPS here (45-48 Fullscreen'd) (according to FRAPS), and no less.

    2.0GHz Core 2 Duo

    ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

    1GB RAM

    XP Pro

    This could really be a great demo of the features of Construct...

    No real suggestions right now, but if I come up with any, I'll let you know...

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  • Interesting, I've been looking up the specs for those cards and they only tend to have a couple of pixel shader processors (4 for the X1400 for example). The 8800GT has 112 (!), so I guess that's the main deciding factor in performance for games heavy on shaders!

  • That explains why the 8800GT gives me such a raging hardon.

    Oh well, I'm getting one for my birthday in June, along with a Q6600 and 3Gb of 800MHz DDR2 RAM and all other associated paraphernalia (like the case, hard drives, cables, mouse, keyboard, 1280x1024 monitor, speakers, headphones, motherboard, etc. a whole new rig - even a new table!)

  • I know I'm being drawn offtopic, but... be sure to play Call of Duty 4 with your 8800GT... wow

  • Nah, CoD isn't my cup of tea. Well, not priority, anyway - apparently its only real redeeming feature is the multiplayer which I have tried and dislike. Same kinda goes for Crysis, except I want that for the mods.

    Thread re-railing...

  • OK, I've updated the demo and made a few tweaks. It's an EXE now, because it depends on some fixes in the next build of Construct:

    This is the release candidate before it goes on the site, so any bugs, critique, feedback, anything not working etc. let me know!

    Some new effects including water reflections so let me know how it runs (FPS in top-left), and your graphics hardware/shader version etc. Should run better at a lower resolution.

  • Good demo!

    The sight gets a bit dodgy when you get near the rocks though, tbh I would just remove them.

    Rain is pulsing as well.

    You know my system spec

  • You tried seeing what it's like with fog of war?

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